The Most Popular Biking Trails in Mammoth Lakes

Whether you’re looking for the thrill of technical downhill riding, the grind of cycling up a mountain road, or just want to ride your bike to the grocery store the best part of biking always remains the same.

You get to see more, faster.

When you’re somewhere as scenic as Mammoth Lakes, seeing more is always a good idea. To help you do so, the team at ASO Mammoth has put together a quick list of a few of the most popular biking trails in Mammoth Lakes. While each trail here is popular for a different reason and comes with its own unique set of challenges, bikers have been enjoying them for years and we hope to see you do the same!

Mountain View Trail

At just over 5 miles long, this off road out and back trail is popular with mountain bikers who want a challenge with plenty of fun mixed in.

While you can ride up or down this trail, the most popular route is to start at Minaret Vista and then descend from there. That is, you can descend from there if you can leave the beautiful view of the Minarets rising out of the Ansel Adams Wilderness that you’ll find at the top. Once you’ve had enough of the view, you can expect a mixed bag of surfaces and challenges on the ride down. Whether it’s because the trail is wide and winding, narrow and technical with sharp turns, or forcing you to pick through technical rock sections, this trail has a little bit of everything by the time you finish the ride at the Earthquake fault. Check beforehand on trail conditions, as Mountain View trail rises through high elevations where snow could close the trail until late spring at the earliest or even well into summer after heavy snowfall in the winter.

Mammoth Rock Trail

Mammoth Rock Trail is another off road trail best suited for mountain bikers. This trail can get crowded due to the fact that hikers, horses, and dogs all frequent it, but the 5.2-mile ride is definitely worth it.

Mammoth Rock Trail begins at the trailhead on Sherwin Creek Road and then climbs up into the Sherwin Mountains before finally passing the stunning limestone and marble rock the trail is named after. The climb into the mountains results in some steep slopes to the side of the trail that mix with rocks and require caution the navigate, so take your time on this trail. Like Mountain View Trail, there is often snow in this area and although parts of Mammoth Rock Trail may not be covered the roads getting to it could be, so always check road and trail status before visiting.

Town Loop 

If you’re looking for a paved path with all the views of the mountain biking routes, then the Town Loop is the trail for you. Although this trail is longer the other trails at 7.3 miles long, there are plenty of stores and benches along the way where you can refill or rest before continuing on.

One of the best things about the Town Loop is that it will take you through the town of Mammoth Lakes where snow is much more manageable during the winter and spring.

Horseshoe Lake Loop 

Horseshoe Lake Loop combines the family friendly ease of the Town Loop with the views and surface of the other trails on this list for an all-around great experience.

Horseshoe Lake Loop is only 1.7 miles long and consists of dirt and gravel surfaces that circle around the stunning lake it is named after. Since Horseshoe Lake Loop is located in the Lakes Basin, it will typically be covered by snow well into spring and even into summer after heavy winter snow.

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