6 Ways to Have a Great Fishing Trip at Mammoth Lakes Basin

One of the most beautiful fishing areas in California belongs to the Mammoth Lakes Basin. This area boasts family-friendly fun and picturesque views. For those who can’t wait to get started fishing, as with any new territory, you should know how to increase the chances of a successful fishing trip. Here are six basic tips on how to fish at Mammoth Lakes Basin with great success, brought to you by the friendly folks at ASO Mammoth, your year-round one-stop shop for everything from fishing equipment and licenses to mountain biking gear and Mammoth bike rentals.

1. Utilize Guides

Mammoth Lakes Basin is renowned for its trout fishing. However, if you’re not sure where the best spots to fish in the basin are, you might miss out on all of them. This is where a guide can be a great help. Whether you’re just a beginner or a professional, your guide can help you get started and then let you do your own thing. There’s no better way to learn the territory than with a local guide’s expertise. 

2. Grab a Fly Rod

Fishing isn’t as simple as just grabbing the first fishing rod that catches your eye. You need the right kind of rod for the right kind of fish. Since trout primarily make the Mammoth Lakes Basin their home, you’ll want a rod that catches them the easiest. That rod should either be a fly rod or a spinning rod. 

3. Use the Right Bait

Just as important as using the right rod is using the right bait. Fish can be picky about what they like to eat. To catch a trout, spinning fishermen will want to use baitfish imitators that resemble inline spinners, minnows, or spoons. For those who want to use fly rods, you should focus on bait lures like the woolly bugger. You can also use clumps of salmon eggs as well as small crawfish imitators. 

4. Bring Along a Landing Net

Trout like to fight. Since you’ll be using light lines, you’ll need a net to bag them. Trout also have delicate skin. They can injure themselves when fighting against the rod. To ensure they’re not injured, use a net to safely capture them away from the boat and other objects. 

5. Use Forceps

Trout have sharp teeth, and their mouths are also bony, which can make retrieving your lure difficult. Forceps can keep their mouths open so you can safely retrieve your lure without injuring the fish. Using this tool can also keep you safe.

6. Know the Regulations

Each place is different. Good fishing starts with respect. Make sure you learn the regulations for Mammoth Lakes before fishing there.

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