Where Are the Best Spots to Eat on & Off Mammoth Mountain?

If you’ve been on a ski trip before, you’ve probably filled a coat pocket or two with granola bars and told yourself that you’re going to eat when you get back home, only to find yourself waiting in line at the first place you found because you were so hungry you couldn’t wait to check your options.

Riding is exhausting, and no matter how much beef jerky or granola you pack in your backpack you’re going to get hungry eventually. To help you from stopping at the first place you can find on the mountain or on your way down and ending up disappointed, the Pros at ASO Mammothhave put together a list of restaurants on or near Mammoth Mountainto make sure you don’t walk away from your day at Mammoth anything but completely satisfied.

On the Mountain

The Mill-While you’ll find several places to eat on Mammoth Mountain, our favorite is the Mill thanks to its laid back atmosphere, easy-to-access location, and quality food. With daily food and drink specials, and some damn good barbecue, The Mill has everything you need to fill up so you can crush the rest of your day at Mammoth. The Mill is also easy to get to since it is located at the base of Gold Rush Express, Stump Alley Express, and Chair 21. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or are looking to kick back for a while, the Mill is an excellent option even at mountain food prices.

Off the Mountain

Mammoth Tavern-Any search will tell you that Mammoth Tavern is one of the all-around most liked restaurants in Mammoth Lakes. Thanks to its unique drink options, healthy and hearty food, and excellent cocktails, Mammoth Tavern is a great option for dinner or lunch if you’re staying in town or are exploring Mammoth Lakes. 

Gomez’s– If you’re not looking to head into Mammoth Lakes for a meal, you can find great Mexican in Mammoth Village at Gomez’s. If Gomez’s only offered great margaritas on their outdoor patio this place would be a hit, but when you add in the fact that excellent Mexican food is only an order away and Mammoth Mountain is nearby you can see the appeal here. Stop by Gomez’s for great view and even better food.

Black Velvet Coffee-Although Black Velvet Coffee does not offer food, we’ve included it on this list as a place worth stopping before or after your time on the mountain thanks to a wide variety of consistently high-quality drinks. From your basic drip coffee to peppermint mochas, Black Velvet has something for everyone while also offering free WIFI. If you’re looking for something other than coffee at the end of your day, Black Velvet is also home to a wine bar with over 30 options for a glass before or after dinner. Black Velvet is located in Mammoth Lakes, but is an easy trip from the mountain.The team at ASO Mammoth has enjoyed everything Mammoth Mountain has to offer from its slopes to its restaurants, and we hope this list helps you do the same. If you have any questions about conditions, trail recommendations, or need to rent ski and snowboard gear, stop by the shop or book your gear rental today and receive a discount when you register online!

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