Where to find WIFI On and Off Mammoth Mountain

Some people come to Mammoth Mountainto get away from everything, but most of us need to check in on what’s going on in the real world when we aren’t riding the best mountain in the West.

As a small business at the foot of an incredible ski and snowboard resort, ASO Mammothunderstands the importance of mixing business and pleasure. To help you stay connected while in town, we’ve put together a list of places you can find WIFI on and off Mammoth Mountain.

On the Mountain

ELEVEN53 CAFÉ– Located at the summit of Mammoth Mountain and accessible through the Scenic Gondola, ELEVEN53 CAFÉ is a central spot to grab lunch and check in on your life back home. While it is important to note that the café is open only until 3 pm, if you’re hungry for an update and some lunch you won’t find a more scenic spot on the mountain.

McCoy Marketplace– Although ELEVEN53 CAFÉ offers scenic views, McCoy Marketplace offers WIFI as well as an easily accessible location. McCoy station can be accessed by the Scenic Gondola, but can also be accessed by taking the Face Lift Express, Stump Alley Express, or High Five Express and riding down from there. It should be noted that some runs used to reach McCoy station may be advanced, so plan your route according to your skill.

The Mill– Located at the base of Gold Rush Express, Stump Alley Express, and Chair 21, The Mill is a laid back restaurant set up to feed and provide a place to relax while on the mountain. Its central location and WIFI make it a great option for a quick check-in while on the mountain.

The Fort– The Fort is listed last because it is actually a cooperative workspace and not a quick stop for riders. While it may not be the right choice for someone who only needs to connect and then get back to riding, The Fort offers daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal passes for those visiting Mammoth Mountain while also keeping up with other projects that require internet connection and a calm work space. Plus, The Fort offers two locations for members to work from, with one at the Main Lodge at the base of the mountain and another in the middle of Downtown Mammoth Lakes.

Off the Mountain

Starbucks– Located within the Mammoth Village, this coffeeshop chain offers WIFI along with Starbucks’ usual selection of hot and cold drinks.

Stellar Brew & Natural Cafe– Although Stellar Brew and Natural Café is located within Mammoth Lakes, it makes up for its distance from the mountain with a wide selection of food and drinks, including vegetarian options. 

Black Velvet Coffee– Located in the Mammoth Luxury Outlet Mall, Black Velvet Coffee is another local option for coffee and WIFI access. Plus, Black Velvet is also home to a wine bar making it a good choice for access later in the day as well as the morning.We hope you enjoy your time at Mammoth Mountain! If you have any other questions about Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes, or ski and snowboard rentals, stop by ASO Mammoth and we will be happy to help!

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