Mammoth Mountain’s Steepest Runs

Mammoth Mountain has plenty of trails that appeal to skiers of all skill levels, including more advanced ones. If this is where you’re at with skiing, you won’t be disappointed by what’s available here. Kiwi Flats is considered the steepest run at Mammoth Mountain, so we’ll mainly focus on this spot below. The snow sports experts from ASO Mammoth, the best place to go for Mammoth ski rentals, gear, and high-quality repair services, also offer some recommendations for other challenging terrain to consider during your visit to Mammoth.

The “Wow” Factor at Kiwi Flats

Get ready for jaw-dropping fun and equally stunning views when you head to Kiwi Flats. It’s a 512-foot double black diamond, downhill-only ski run. It’s frequently described by snow sport enthusiasts as one “steep, mean” run. After all, it has a cliff right in the middle of it. Accessible from Chair 23, Kiwi Flats is a super-challenging piste trail with impressive features that include:

• A cliff-like drop-in
• A steep incline
• A narrow chute that comes right after the big drop

The top of the Kiwi Flats run starts at an elevation of 10,143 feet, so you’re pretty close to the top of the mountain as you start your way down. The terrain itself requires generally good conditions and a lot of focus on your part. Check conditions first before you come here to make sure it’s accessible and safe for use. If the Kiwi Flats run isn’t enough for you, it’s bordered by other extreme terrain you’re welcome to enjoy. This is worth considering if you’ll be visiting Mammoth for a longer visit.

Grizzly and Shaft

Take Chair 22 when you get to Mammoth for direct access to the area known as Grizzly and Shaft. It ranks right up there with Kiwi Flats as one of the most challenging runs you’ll find at Mammoth Mountain. As you ski, you’ll find steep cliffs, rocky chutes, and dense trees.

Avalanche Chutes & Other Challenging Terrain

Take Chair 22 or 25 to get to the area known as Avalanche Chutes. The top is over by the ski patrol station. It’s challenging terrain, since it’s smack dab in the middle of a steep incline. You’ll also be treated to narrow chutes and some great tree roots. All the Avalanche Chutes have clear paths so you can work your way down cliffs right into wider bowls, which is especially appealing if you like to make broader turns. 

We also suggest considering:

• Dragon’s Back – This is a nearly 770-foot double black diamond ski run on the other side of the mountain. The easiest way to get here is from the summit after you get off the gondola.
• The Hemlocks – Mammoth has enhanced this area to make it a perfect spot for more challenging back-country skiing. It’s accessible via Chair 23 or Chair 14, but you’ll need to work your way to the far side of the mountain. 

Whether you need advice on the best runs, last-minute ski repair, or the highest-quality ski rental in Mammoth, you can rely on the friendly folks at ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to have a great time at Mammoth. Stop by on your way to the mountain or give us a call at 760-965-3444.