Mammoth Mountain Ski Runs: Number & Variety

There are approximately 150 ski runs within the Mammoth Mountain area. The best way to go over the many appealing and unique runs within this area is to break them down based on skill level. The snow sports experts from ASO Mammoth, the best place to go for Mammoth ski rentals, gear, and high-quality repair services, offer the following information about some of the top ski runs you’ll find when visiting the Mammoth area.

Expert-Level Runs

Accessible via the gondola and located near the summit, Hangman’s Hollow will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. This challenging run is peppered with cascading drops and capped off with a perfect powdery landing.

If you’re up for some really invigorating turns, Climax is the Mammoth run for you. Nestled just below the gondola, it surprises with silky-smooth turns before opening up wider at the bottom.

Further put your skills to the test with any of the following expert-level runs:

• The Dropout Chutes – So named because of its tight chutes and long turns, this run will take you right under Chair 23. It’s also where you’ll find what some skiing enthusiasts consider the best snow in the Mammoth area.

• West Bowl – Accessible from Face Lift Express, this run is thrillingly challenging because of its more technical terrain. An open bowl greets you as you wrap up this run.

• Paranoid Flats – Fondly referred to as “the ‘Noids,” this run has steep, fast trails. There are no rocky chutes, but you’ll still be rewarded with an invigorating day of skiing.

• Avalanche Chutes – Known locally as the “Avy Chutes,” this advanced-level run is off Lincoln Mountain and accessible from Chair 22. The chutes here also collect a lot of fresh powder, which diehard skiers often appreciate.

Intermediate-Level Runs

Road Runner is one of the ideal Mammoth Mountain runs for intermediate-level skiers. It takes you along three miles of powdery terrain back to Mammoth’s main lodge. Just watch out for the sharp drop-off as you check out the view of the Minaret Range.

Despite the name, Stump Alley is a treeless mid-level run that will give you plenty of room to make your turns. It’s a tamer run with varying conditions that can boost your confidence.

Check out these other mid-level Mammoth runs:

• Gold Hill – Starting at the Cloud Nine Express, this intermediate-level Mammoth run will treat you to an assortment of tree runs, powder stashes, and side hits.

• Solitude – Extending from the top to the bottom of the High Five Express, this run will help you brush up on your skills with its hidden pockets. You’ll also be able to gain more confidence on the steeper terrain here. Just don’t go too far, or you’ll run into the more challenging Face of Five trail.

• White Bark Ridge – Located just off the back side of Mammoth, this mid-level run is shorter. However, you’ll be able to relax some as you brush up on your skills and take in the gorgeous views.

Beginner-Level Runs

If you’re an occasional or beginner-level skier, the Sesame Street is a run within this skill level that’s accessible from the main lodge at Mammoth. The freestyle, confidence-building terrain here still offers some spectacular views.

Over by Canyon Lodge, you’ll find the School Yard run. It’s a great place to practice your turns, and it’s perfect for all age groups.

Other equally appealing beginner-level runs at Mammoth include:

• Pumpkin – Accessible from Eagle Lodge, this is a longer, more relaxed run that will give you plenty of time to get comfortable on your skis.

• St. Moritz – Get to this run on the Panorama Gondola and head to McCoy Station. It’s a good transition run if you’re getting ready to try some of Mammoth’s intermediate runs.

• Wonderland Playground – This is a fun run that gives you a chance to practice small jumps and other minor challenges. It’s also another run that can be a great place to prepare for more advanced runs. 

Whether you need advice on the best runs, last-minute ski repair, or the highest-quality ski rental in Mammoth, you can rely on the friendly folks at ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to have a great time at Mammoth. Stop by on your way to the mountain, or give us a call at 760-965-3444

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