Should You Worry About Ski and Snowboard Theft?

You do hours of research, visit ski and snowboard shops to find the perfect fit, invest your hard earned money into ski and snowboard gear, and then you leave it unattended at a ski resort? If that sounds strange to you, then you’re probably wondering if you should worry about ski and snowboard theft while you’re skiing and snowboarding.

If that’s true, then the ASO Mammoth team has written up what you need to know about ski and snowboard theft at resorts. Check it out below, then visit ASO Mammoth for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Ski and Snowboard Theft Happens, but is Statistically Unlikely

Whether it’s because someone picks up the wrong gear by accident or intentionally steals gear, every year people have their skis and snowboards taken from ski resorts.

However, out of the thousands of people who visit major ski resorts only a few dozen will have their snowboards or skis taken.

For example, this article from 2016 points out that during that ski season Breckinridge had 26 reported ski and snowboard thefts out of the thousands of people who visited during winter. While having your skis or snowboard stolen is possible, there’s a good chance it will not happen to you.

Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware and ready for thieves on the mountain.

Mix Your Skis Up

One of the easiest ways to protect your skis from theft is by switching one of them for a friend’s ski and set the two pairs far apart from one another before leaving them unattended.

Thieves cannot sell or use two skis with different designs or sizes, so they will naturally be less likely to steal skis whose partner they have to look for.

Write Down Serial Numbers and Leave Identifying Marks

Most skis and snowboards have a serial number that police and other authorities can look for to make sure used skis and snowboards for sale are not stolen property. Of course, you can’t give that serial number away if you don’t remember it, so write it down!

You can also add identifying marks like stickers, pads, or paint to your board or skis so that you’ll quickly recognize your gear in someone else’s hands.

Keep Your Skis in Sight

No one wants to watch their skis or snowboard 24/7 while they’re supposed to be taking a break from the slopes, and due to how infrequent theft is you don’t have to.

However, you should leave your skis and snowboards somewhere that either you can see them or several other people can see them like the side of a lodge. Even if you don’t see the theft happen, chances are that a camera will and then the resort can help you track down your gear.

Use Cable Locks

Lastly, a cable lock will automatically deter a ski or snowboard thief from targeting your gear.

There are plenty of other unattended and unlocked boards and skis on the mountain, so if your gear is locked up then the chances of it being stolen are drastically lower.