New to Skiing and Snowboarding? Here’s How You Can Save Money on Your First Trip

After your first day of learning to ski or snowboard, you may wonder how on earth these two sports became as popular as they are. After all, new skiers and snowboarders will spend most of their day falling in the snow, walk away sore, and pay good money to do it all over again the next day. We can’t help you with the hard learning curve, but we can help you save a little money.

As one of Mammoth’s top ski and snowboard rental shops, ASO Mammoth works with beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders every day to make sure they have the best time on the mountain possible. Today, we’re doing so by putting together a quick guide of tips to help new skiers and snowboarders save money. Check it out below and start saving today!

Buy Your Lift Tickets Online Instead of at the Window

Don’t let your research stop at just looking at lift ticket prices online when deciding which mountain you’ll be visiting.

Just about every ski resort will offer a discounted lift ticket price if you buy your lift tickets online instead of at the window. Plus, if you’re buying lift tickets for multiple days then the mountain may also offer a discount on lift ticket bundles. No matter how many days or people you’re buying lift tickets for, make sure you do it online to avoid paying full price. Buy your Mammoth Mountain lift tickets here.

Save Money by Rent Early and Online

New skiers and snowboarders must also factor in the cost of renting skis and snowboards. Just like lift tickets though, if you order your rentals online you can save serious money.

Not only will ordering your rentals online save you money, but the more time between when you place your order and the day you pick them up the more you’ll save. Ski shops are able to plan and perform better if people place their orders days ahead of their pickup day, so if you take the time to order your rentals a few days or more ahead of your rental date then your ski shop may give you a discounted rental rate.

save money pbj sandwich
Save Money by Bringing Your Own PB&J Sandwich

Bring Your Own Food to the Mountain

Ski resorts are often far away from other developed businesses, and due to the cost of transporting food to the mountains and the lack of competition the prices of food on the mountain can eat up your budget.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to choose between feeding everyone riding with you or having another day on the mountain. Stop at the grocery store on the way up and pick up food that you can carry in a backpack so that when lunch time rolls around you aren’t paying mountain prices or wasting time standing in line. Don’t stress over what to pack either. You can start with a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then try different foods until you find your perfect mountain snacks.

See our suggestion on other food to bring with you while skiing and snowboarding.

Schedule Your Trips Off Peak Days

Lift ticket prices change based on the number of people visiting the mountain. For example, want to take advantage of a three-day holiday weekend? Since everyone else does too you’ll pay even more for a lift ticket. Even a regular Saturday or Sunday lift ticket can cost you extra because they are considered peak days.

If you have the chance, schedule your trip to mountains away from holidays, weekends, or other times where there is high demand for lift tickets. Not only will you save money on your lift tickets, but you’ll avoid crowded slopes too!

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