Road Trip Essentials for Skiers and Snowboarders

Logging off from work on Friday afternoon with your car packed and nothing standing between you and the slopes at Mammoth Mountain except a few hours of driving is the stuff dreams are made of.

Whether your perfect mountain to road trip to is Mammoth or somewhere else, the team at ASO Mammoth wants to help you get there easier and enjoy your stay longer. We’ve already put out guides on car camping, how to drive to Mammoth through bad weather, and gear you shouldn’t step on the mountain without, but now we are going to help all the weekend warriors out by sharing our best tips to road tripping a weekend ski trip. Check it out below!

Pack a shovel and Chains

While we will leave it up to you to make sure you have all the skiing and snowboarding gear you need, there is other gear you may not think about until it’s too late.

Hopefully, your car is going to be covered in a foot of snow thanks to a major storm dumping on you overnight. While this can mean great conditions, it can also mean you’re stuck digging your car out with some cardboard boxes you found lying around before you can drive from your hotel to the mountain. Make sure you pack some sort of shovel, preferably collapsible, so that  you’re always ready to head to the mountain.

Driving conditions may require that you have chains on the tires of your, car so if you’re heading into a storm make sure you have a set of chains packed so you don’t have to turn around or scramble to find some last minute.

Ready Your Car for Snow and People

Many people’s cars are only set up for commutes and trips to the grocery store in fair weather. Don’t let your car be that way by the time you set out for your road trip.

Simply tying a grocery bag around the back of a headrest well give you and anyone riding with you a place to store trash instead of finding it stuffed in cupholders or between seats later. You should also keep your phone charger out with whatever adapter is needed to charge it in the car instead of packing it away as more and more people rely on their phones for directions and entertainment.

Lastly, you and anyone you’re with is going to be walking through snow that is often mixed with salt and mud. Keep the wintery mix on the ground and out of your car by either purchasing rubber floor mats to protect your carpet or improvising with another material like a trash bag. While boots are the biggest offenders here jackets and pants can also leak water caught in their creases or pockets, so plan for a way to store them in the car without getting everything around them wet.

Set Yourself Up for the Long Haul

Lastly, you’re going to want all the small things that keep you up and moving for the entire trip.

While each person has their own habits and needs, we can broadly recommend packing sunscreen, ibuprofen, and plenty of water. Remember, you’re traveling to perform a physically demanding  outdoor activity, typically at high altitude. While sunscreen, ibuprofen, and water are sure bets to keep you comfortable and active, if you need a foam roller to stretch your back after a long day on you feet or even a certain tea to wake you up make sure you have it packed! If you’ve read this list and found that you’re lacking supplies, stop by ASO Mammoth for everything winter sports. Whether you need to rent winter sports gear or buy a shovel to dig your car out, we have everything you need for the perfect trip!

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