ASO Mammoth’s Car Camping Guide

Whether you head to Mammoth Lakes for the slopes, trails, or are simply getting Outside on the Eastside, most people who make the trip to Mammoth are looking to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty.

What better way to get even closer to nature, and save a few bucks, than to turn your ride into
the perfect camper?

Whether you’re driving a truck with a camper top attached to the back or you’re cruising up to mountains in a Prius, here are a few tips that will help you turn your car into the perfect place to enjoy all Mammoth Lakes has to offer.

Know Your Car

The type of car you drive will determine what kind of supplies you need, where you can camp, and when you can camp. For example, while a mini-van may offer you more comfort, they also typically have lower clearances which limits where you can set up camp.

Your car will also determine whether or not you’ll be setting up a tent every night. If you’re over 5”10, chances are that a Prius isn’t going to be a comfortable place for you to sleep and you’ll want to pack a tent or hammock tent to make sure you get enough sleep to enjoy the day.

Of course, if you’re sleeping outside you might hold off on a winter trip and instead aim for summer, or if you’re determined to hit the slopes during winter you might have to pack appropriately or find a buddy with a bigger car.

Pack Plenty of Wet Wipes

Why are wet wipes included on our Mammoth Car Camping List?

You know how you use a napkin and water to clean off your table after you eat dinner? Both are in short supply when you’re car camping. Wet wipes are the easiest way to clean hands, clothes, plates, tables, shoes, ski gear, snow gear, the inside of your car, and just about everything else. Plus, they’re easy to pack and much lighter than taking extra water.

Rest assured, any car camping trip to Mammoth Lakes will be made a dozen times easier if you pack plenty of Wet Wipes.

Figure out your Coffee Situation

It doesn’t matter if you’re car camping in Mammoth Lakes or staying at the Ritz in Manhattan. You’re going to want to have your coffee situation figured out.

Making a cup of coffee at home is so easy that people often take it for granted, but when you’ve got nothing but a portable stove, a limited supply of water, and a bag of coffee beans on a cold Mammoth morning you’ll quickly miss your plug-in coffee maker.

We love to support local businesses, so if you don’t want to deal with making your own coffee while car camping the we highly recommend driving somewhere like Black Velvet Coffee or StellarBrew.

If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee right when you wake up at your campsite, one easy alternative is a French Press. All you need is some ground coffee and hot water and you’ve got coffee. If that’s still too much for you, then instant-coffee is your best bet.

No matter what you do, make sure you’ve got the energy to enjoy your entire stay in the Mammoth Lakes area!

Avoid Air Mattresses and find the Right Mattress Pad For you

Air Mattresses are great to have around the apartment, but when you’re car camping the last thing you need is a leak in your air mattress that will cause you to lose sleep and energy needed to enjoy everything Mammoth Lakes has.

Not only is an air mattress with a leak a guaranteed pain in the neck, but they can also take up an unnecessary amount of space when inflated or even when deflated.

Do your back a favor and find a mattress pad that fits your needs and the amount of space you have.

No Matter why you’re visiting Mammoth Lakes, if you’re car camping then you’ll want to follow these tips to have the best trip possible. If you check your supplies and find out that you’re missing some key camping gear or any mountain sports gear needed for your trip, call or visit ASO Mammoth ASAP so you can get out and enjoy everything Mammoth Lakes has to offer!

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