5 Underrated Pieces of Snowboard & Ski Gear

With how much snow is on the mountain already, it’s easy to forget that Mammoth Mountain has only been open for a month. Even at ASO Mammoth, we’re still knocking off the rust from the offseason.

To help you get back into peak winter season form, we’ve put together a list of important but often forgotten about or undervalued gear. While most of the gear on this list may seem optional or unnecessary, it can be the difference between a fun and safe day and a day cut short!


A helmet is without a doubt the most important pieces on this list and one of the most important overall. While the number of people on the mountain wearing them may make it seem like helmets are optional every rider should be wearing one, especially advanced riders who are pushing their abilities.

Whether you’re renting a helmet or already wear one, you should always remember that after one significant crash the structural integrity of the helmet has been comprised and is no longer safe to wear, so always check your helmet before heading out.

Merino Wool

While Merino Wool is more expensive than your average pack of tube socks, the difference is worth every penny. Whether it’s your socks, shirt, or underwear Merino Wool will keep you dry and warm all day long.

The benefit of Merino Wool is magnified the most in socks. Thanks to your feet being in a tight space and moving back and forth, it’s easy for your socks to soak up sweat which leads to you getting cold feet. Not only will Merino Wool keep your feet warm and dry, they’ll also keep your feet from smelling for days without a wash.

Spare Laces

If you’re a skier, be thankful you don’t ever have to deal with a busted lace on the mountain.

While lacing systems like quick pulls and Boa lacing have made laces less important, many boots still have traditional laces that wear down with use.

A torn lace may not seem like a big deal, but if your boot isn’t responding when you need it to your day could be thrown off track over something that costs you 99 cents and fits in your pocket. Don’t let that happen to you.

Carry a set of spare laces so you only spend a few minutes to re-lacing a boot instead of spending your entire day frustrated.

Microfiber Cloth

Many people get caught up on the look of their goggles, but all it takes is a little snow at the perfect moment for those flashy goggles to get wet inside and fog for the rest of the day.

Snow isn’t the only thing that can fog up your goggles though. Whether it’s your body heat or your breath rising up from under the neck warmer you’ve got covering your face, there are plenty of ways for moisture to get under your goggles. A microfiber clothe is a simple and easy-to-carry solution for fogging lenses, so store one in your coat pocket and thank yourself later.

Now that you’ve read this list, is there any shopping you need to do? Is there a piece of mountain gear that’s saved your day that you think everyone should know about? We’re more than happy to answer any Mammoth questions you may have as well as give advice on the best
places to ski to people new to the mountain. Stop by ASO Mammoth on the way to the top for all of your winter sports needs and the best ski and snowboard rentals on Mammoth Mountain.

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