What Mammoth Mountain’s Capacity Limits Means for Visitors

Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes were never more excited to welcome back visitors than when this season started, but if you’ve been to Mammoth Mountain this year then you know that this winter is unlike any other.

Mammoth Mountain and all of Mammoth Lakes are doing their best to welcome visitors back with open arms, but the reality is that the COVID – 19 pandemic is far from over. As a result, Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain have put policies in place, such as capacity limits, to protect their visitors and staff. Capacity limits are one of many unprecedented things to take place due to COVID-19, so to help clear up any confusion the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick guide to how capacity limits will affect your visit to Mammoth Mountain. Check it out below and stop by the ASO Mammoth shop before you hit the snow at Mammoth Mountain!

What a Capacity Limits Means

You don’t have to be a Mammoth Mountain regular to figure out that a capacity limit means a set number of people are allowed on the snow every day. However, the consequences of a capacity limit are less obvious.

To begin with, the walk-up window is closed at June and Mammoth Mountain so that they can predict and monitor the number of visitors allowed on the snow through their reservation systems. That means that in order to get on the snow you need to reserve your lift ticket or buy it online ahead of your visit. The easiest way to do so is by visiting each mountain’s website, but if you have any questions you can call either mountain to iron out the details of your visit.

A capacity limit could also mean that tickets sell out quickly on the day of or even days before your visit, so it’s a good idea to reserve your lift tickets at least a few days ahead of time if you’re visiting on a holiday or weekend.

Lifts Are Socially Distanced

Even though masks are required anywhere that social distancing is not possible at Mammoth Mountain, ski lifts and gondolas are requiring that riders safely distance from each other while riding. That means that long lift lines are possible even with reduced crowds.

If you’re visiting on a weekend or holiday, then factor in the possibility of long lift lines to your day. Long lines are more likely near the base of the mountain and other popular lifts, so plan around using lifts higher up the mountain if they’re within your ability.

You Need to Keep Your Plans Flexible

Despite how long we’ve been dealing with COVID, protecting visitors and staff at a ski mountain is still very new. As a result, there may be hiccups as the procedures are completely ironed out.

The staff and operators at Mammoth Mountain are some of the best in the world, so you can be sure that they’ll take every measure possible to make sure you have your day on the snow. However, COVID-19 is still unpredictable so policies and rules may change as they adapt. The best way to make sure there are no surprises ahead of your visit is to check Mammoth Mountain’s COVID-19 page and keep your plans flexible in case there are any policy changes.

Enjoy your trip to Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes, and don’t forget to stop by ASO Mammoth for all of your ski and snowboard gear needs. We can’t wait to see you in the shop and on the snow!

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