Is Now the Time to Get Stoked for Snowboarding & Skiing Season?

Mammoth Mountain, the main skiing and snowboarding destination in the Mammoth area, officially kicks off the winter season on November 13th. This means the short answer to whether or not it’s time to get excited about the skiing and snowboarding season is a resounding yes! Below, the snow sports experts at ASO Mammoth, the place to go for high-quality Mammoth snowboard rental and skiing gear, go over the top reasons now is a great time to shift your focus to these two popular winter activities.

Taking Advantage of Early Bird Perks

One of the top reasons to get excited about the skiing and snowboarding season is because there are many perks you can enjoy by getting ready early. With Mammoth Mountain, there are already discounts and other special offers available for lift tickets. Acting early also makes it easier to:

• Choose your flight dates
• Secure lodging reservations for dates you prefer
• Have more options with reservations close to your preferred skiing/snowboarding area

Planning a More Well-Rounded Mammoth Trip

Skiing and snowboarding are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to do in the Mammoth area. By getting the buzz about winter activities now, you’ll have an added incentive to take a peek at other things you may want to add to your winter getaway to-do list. You can then plan a more well-rounded trip that includes skiing, snowboarding, and other fun things to do, see, and enjoy. For example, The Village at Mammoth typically offers opportunities for kids to meet Santa around Christmastime. There’s also an annual fireworks and torchlight parade, and New Year’s in the Mammoth area tends to be memorable as well.

Getting Friends & Family Members on Board for Winter Fun

Being excited now about the skiing and snowboarding season means you can spread your enthusiasm to friends and family members. This can serve as an incentive to plan a group trip to Mammoth. What’s more, you’ll be giving friends and loved ones something to look forward to—which means the excitement can slowly build until the date for your trip arrives.

Preparing Sooner with Your Gear

From a practical point of view, being excited about the skiing and snowboarding season now gives you the opportunity to check out your gear. You’ll also have more time to find deals on what you might need to buy or replace. You can always rent what you need at Mammoth, too, so don’t worry if you have some gaps in your skiing or snowboarding essentials and accessories.

Practicing at Home

We’re not suggesting you invest in a snow machine. However, there are some ways you can brush up on some of the basics of skiing and snowboarding at home if you’re at the beginner or intermediate level. With skiing, you can work on your stance and posture. With snowboarding, a creative way to practice at home is with a simple skateboard deck and a piece of PVC pipe to work on your balance.

No matter which snow sport you prefer, drop by and chat with the experts at ASO Mammoth on your way to the slopes. We have great advice for skiers and snowboarders alike, and we can hook you up with all the gear you need for an amazing mountain adventure. Whether they need to register a tour, check out the latest equipment, or rent skis, Mammoth visitors know they can rely on us for great service and expert advice. Come by and see us or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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