Best Sites to Check Mammoth Mountain Weather Reports & Forecasts

If you’re like the team at ASO Mammoth, then it doesn’t matter how many forecasts you’ve read. When a storm hits, you’re going to check conditions on the mountain as many times as possible so you can watch the snow build along with you anticipation for when you can make some turns.

To help satisfy your need for snow, we’ve put together a list of the best sites to keep up with the weather at Mammoth Mountain. Be warned, we made this list so we could spend less time finding snow reports but thanks to all the information we found we’re reading more reports than ever before. Enjoy!

Mammoth Mountain Snow and Weather Report

This is where many people will get their information on Mammoth Mountain snow, and for good reason. With daily reports, total snowfall numbers ranging from 24 to 72 hours, and an impressive collection of snow records reaching all the way back to the 1969/70 season, Mammoth Mountain’s own snow report page has everything you need to keep up with the weather.

You’ll also find road conditions for several highways leading to Mammoth here, so if you’re figuring out how you’ll get to Mammoth to enjoy a storm then you should start you trip on Mammoth’s Snow and Weather Report. Plus, Mammoth’s Snow and Weather Report includes a radar storm tracker, jetstream forecast, and even an Eastern Pacific Satellite feed so you can see what’s behind a storm and plan appropriately.

Howard Sheckter’s Mammoth Weather

While the Mammoth Mountain Snow and Weather Report is detailed, if you’re looking for a local’s take on the weather with all the details of the Mammoth report then you need to check out Howard Sheckter’s site.

Not only does Howard broadcast his weather reports every morning live over the radio,  he updates his site daily with detailed condition reports as well as forecasts for the rest of the day. His forecasts aren’t only for the mountain either, as Howard’s site is also home to forecasts for several areas near Mammoth Lakes.

If you’re interested in weather beyond numbers and cumulated amounts, then Howard Sheckter’s Mammoth Weather site is the place for you as his reports go into detail about what is causing the weather further than any other site. Beyond education, that also means Howard knows when the best conditions for perfect powder are and offers an alert service so you know when the real deal is falling on Mammoth.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol

If you’re looking for a straightforward, numbers only site to monitor Mammoth Mountain weather than the Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol site is your answer.

On the home page, you’ll find clear numbers and graphics that show you current conditions right away. If you look further in the site you’ll find snow records, links to weather reports for other nearby areas, and most impressively snow reports for several chairs on the mountain. If the ski patrol has a station there, then you can find reports updated every quarter hour for your favorite chair or one that you’re looking to explore and plan your powder day around. In the same amount of detail, the Mammoth Ski Patrol site is also home to wind reports that will tell you what areas of the mountain are getting hit the worst by each storm. There is more snow on the way, so use one or all of three of these sites to plan your Mammoth Mountain powder day out in fine detail. If you find that you’re in need of ski or snowboard gear while you plan or just have questions about the mountain call or stop by ASO Mammoth!

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