How to Prepare Your Snowboard or Skis for Winter

Whether snow has hit your favorite mountain already or you’re still waiting for the first storm of the year, if you’re anything like the ASO Mammoth team then knowing that we’re so close to winter has you ready to do absolutely anything related to skiing or snowboarding.

If you have snow nearby, then get out there and enjoy it. If not, then you can still get ready by preparing your skis or snowboard for winter! We have a quick list of ways to prep your skis or snowboard for winter below. Read all about it or stop by the ASO Mammoth shop for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Take Off Leftover Wax

One way that skiers and snowboarders protect their gear over the offseason is by having them waxed at the end of the previous winter in order to keep their base from drying out while in storage. In some cases, they might even wax their gear and then leave on all the wax for maximum saturation and protection.

If you did either of those things, then now is the time to remove excess wax. Even if you had a basic wax and removal, then you can check for excess wax that was left over.

Tune Your Edges

The edges of your skis or snowboard are what grip into the snow and allow you to carve and stop while skiing and snowboarding. Over time, they can wear down, be damaged, or even take on rust.

If any of those things happen to your edges, then it’s a great idea to have them tuned or even repaired if necessary.

If you’re working on your edges on your own, then make sure you don’t tune them too much. If your edges are too sharp then they could catch on the snow too quickly or when you don’t expect it. Plus, if you spend time in the park then sharp edges are more likely to catch on rails and boxes!

Wax Your Base 

If you didn’t wax your skis or snowboard at the end of the last season, then now is a great time to wax them so your first ride of the year will be a smooth one.

Waxing can be done at home with a few simple tools, or you can take your gear to a ski shop where professionals will do it for you.

Set Your Bindings to Match Your Goals for the Season

Have big plans for this winter? Make sure your gear can get you there by adjusting your stance and bindings to match them.

For example, if you want to ride switch better than you may need to move your bindings further up or back based on your current stance. Or, if you want to carve more intensely then you may need to adjust your bindings for a more aggressive but less forgiving stance.