Why ASO Mammoth Loves FishMammoth.com

Whether it’s ski and snowboard gear in the winter or a bike tune-up in the summer, here at ASO Mammoth we help people enjoy the outdoors by giving them what they need to do so.

Of course, we don’t give our customers the skills or knowledge to do those things, but that’s why we love working with Jim at FishMammoth.com.

It’s easy to satisfy your need for a fly fishing setup by buying one, but what’s much harder to do is to satisfy your want for an adventure into the Eastern Sierra where you’ll learn about the local wildlife, waters, and, of course, catch a few fish that you’ll brag about when you go back to work. To do that requires fly fishing skill and a relationship with the local waters, which is exactly what Jim at FishMammoth.com offers his clients. That’s why fishing with FishMammoth.com is the easiest way to enjoy fly fishing around Mammoth Lakes.

To show you exactly what we mean, we’ve listed a little bit of what makes FishMammoth.com special. Check it out and book your Eastern Sierra fly fishing tour today!

Book and Fish. That’s it

Fishing can be as simple as casting your line and waiting for something to bite, but fly fishing requires far more attention and skill. Between the lures, casting technique, and knowledge of the local fish and waters, it’s not easy to just start fly fishing somewhere new.

Except, if you book a day with FishMammoth.com.

Jim not only provides his knowledge of the Eastern Sierra waters based on the season, flow, and type of fish you’re most interested in catching, but he even offers an Orvis Recon Rod, hydros reel, line, and tackle and flies for you to use during your trip, which means you can book and show up ready to fish. It’s that simple.

Create the Fly-Fishing Trip You Want

No matter what your ideal day on the water is, FishMammoth.com can provide it.

When most people think of fly fishing, they see casting and wading in clear streams with spectacular nature surrounding them. If that’s what you want out of your fly fishing trip, then Jim knows spots so beautiful that you’ll have a hard time keeping your eyes on the water. However, when you book a fly fishing trip with FishMammoth.com you also have the option of exploring Crowley Lake on a 19ft Baywater fitted with fish finding gear that will keep you on top of the fish all day long if that’s what you want.

The Search for Bigger and Better Drives FishMammoth.com

Jim moved to Mammoth Lakes in 2009 looking for a larger wilderness to explore than what he was finding on the east coast, and since then he’s been shadowing local masters and guiding clients searching for the same thing.

If you’re looking to enjoy the best that Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra have to offer, then Jim can show you how because he’s been doing the exact same for a decade!

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