The Pros and Cons of Renting Ski Apparel

If you ask the staff here at ASO Mammoth, there isn’t a better way to exercise, enjoy nature, or just relax than skiing and snowboarding.

Of course, anyone who is learning to ski or snowboard will tell you that the learning process isn’t very relaxing. Due to the cost of gear, lift tickets, and the physical toll that falling down for an entire day while you learn takes on a person, many people may decide that skiing or snowboarding aren’t for them after their first day on the hill.

To help out, we’ve listed the pros and cons of renting ski apparel below so you can decide if saving money on renting ski clothes will make your learning process easier. Check them out below and plan your trip to Mammoth Mountain today!

Pro: There are Several Options to Rent From

When you drive into a ski town, you’ll see ski shops advertising their ski and snowboard rentals and gear for purchase, but you won’t see very many signs for ski apparel rentals if you see any at all. Just because you don’t see ski clothes rentals doesn’t mean they don’t exist though.

For example, some resorts offer ski apparel rentals through their own store and you can even have your pants or jacket included as a part of your rental package. If the resort you’re visiting or the ski shops nearby don’t offer ski clothes rentals, then you can still find what you need online. Kit Lender is an online vendor that rents out the latest and highest quality ski clothes. All you have to do is order online and Kit Lender will send your rental package to wherever you want for free.

If you know that you’ll be renting ski apparel ahead of your trip, take the time to find which vendor is right for you so that you find the exact clothes you need.

Con: They May Not Fit Your Needs

Even though there are several options when it comes to renting ski clothes, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the exact setup that you want.

Even though vendors who rent ski clothes offer a wide selection of apparel options, you’re still choosing from a smaller pool than all of the ski clothes that are available for purchase. You may not find what you want because you can’t find the right size or it could just be because you don’t like the colors available, but once you decide to rent ski apparel you’re committed to them and anything you don’t like about them for the rest of the day.

Pro: Renting Ski Apparel Can Save on Baggage Fees

If you use a service like Kit Lender that will send apparel directly to the mountain or rent clothes from the area you’re skiing or snowboarding in, then you don’t have to bring ski clothes with you. That may not seem like a very big deal, but if you’re flying to reach the mountain of your choice then you can save money on baggage fees by not having to pack and check bags carrying bulky ski apparel.

Con: You’re Stuck with What’s Available

As we mentioned earlier, even the rental service with the largest selection of ski clothes for rent will have a smaller selection of clothes than what’s actually out there, and if you make the mistake of waiting to rent your ski clothes until right before you need them then your options could be extremely limited. For this reason, we recommend booking your rentals well ahead of your trip to make sure you find the right clothes for you.

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