Tips for Developing Your Snowboarding Technique

A good snowboarding technique is one that includes a combination of beneficial habits that allow you to safely do what you want to do on your board. It will take some time and practice to develop an effective snowboarding technique that allows you to advance and gain confidence, but it’s a goal worth pursuing if you enjoy this activity. Here are some of the main things that contribute to a good snowboarding technique, brought to you by ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for gear, repairs, and snowboard rentals in Mammoth.

Bend Your Knees

This is one of the foundations of a solid snowboarding technique. In fact, getting into the habit of bending your knees is a simple and effective way to reduce falling as you move on to more difficult terrain. Bending your knees also helps your body absorb bumps and other things that could throw off your balance.

Steer Your Snowboard with Both Feet

A common snowboarding habit that’s not so good is using the back foot to turn. What this actually does is kick up the front of the board and cause you to skid out some as you turn. Instead, improve your snowboarding technique by alternating pressure between your front and back feet as you shift your weight.

Vary the Shape of Your Turns

Controlling speed is another skill that’s important when on a snowboard. An effective way to gain more control over your speed while snowboarding is to vary your speed on turns to speed up or slow down. This is something you can do by:

• Making wider turns when you want to slow down
• Making tighter turns to gain some momentum
• Splashing or spraying snow with your board if you lose control on a turn to slow down

Another thing you can do to control your speed better is ride across the hilly terrain instead of going straight down. If you feel like you’re losing control with your speed, another trick is to start to work your way back up some to slow down.

Note: Spraying or splashing snow is also something you can do when you need to quickly stop.

Be Prepared for Your Terrain

Having a good snowboarding technique is also important when you want to take on more challenging terrain that’s bumpy or steep. With steeper terrain, bend your front or leading leg to line up with the pitch. Also, overexaggerate your lean, and be mindful of where the fall line is guiding you. When terrain is bumpy or a bit uneven, relax your legs so you can absorb any bumps or unevenness.

Use the Right Gear

Lastly, your snowboarding technique will ultimately be good for you if you have the right gear. By “right” gear, we mean all the essentials you’ll need for snowboarding, such as properly fitting boots and a board appropriate for your skill level and body size. Your bindings should also be supportive and flexible enough to allow you to shift pressure and weight.

If you’re fairly new to snowboarding, follow these tips to get a great start on what’s sure to be one of your favorite ways to enjoy the slopes. When you’re visiting Mammoth, snowboard rental might be the best way to introduce yourself to the sport. Drop by and see us at ASO Mammoth for the highest-quality rentals, gear, and service on the mountain. Find out more about us by giving us a call at 760-965-3444.