Don’t Miss out on Missy

Missy is a 4-year-old German Shepherd looking for a new home!

We fell in love with Missy when she first came to Seal Beach Animal Care Center but were thrilled to see her be adopted 7 months ago. Unfortunately, Missy was taken to a shelter further up state who helped us bring her home to SBACC. Despite the recent changes in her life Missy is still a sweet and caring girl who lights up our shelter and we are hoping she can share her personality with a new family soon!

Missy is a healthy adult German Shepherd that will be light up your home! German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, strength, and loyalty. While many dog breeds are said to be intelligent, German Shepherds top the list. Their intelligence and ability to learn behaviors is why they are often employed as everything from police K-9 units to therapy dogs.

German Shepherds like Missy who have met other animals and seen several different settings are particularly intelligent and adaptable, so Missy will fit right in and can definitely still learn new tricks!

In general, German Shepherds are great family dogs as they are loyal and protective of their families and do well with children. If you like to spend time outdoors or have an active lifestyle, Missy will match you stride for stride. German Shepherds thrive when their family gives them plenty of opportunities to get their energy out and challenge their brains, which makes Missy the perfect companion for adventures.

We love having Missy around, but we know she will do best in a forever home. If you want an intelligent, loyal, and active companion who will adapt by your side, then don’t miss out on Missy. Call us or come in and visit with Missy today to meet Missy!

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