Mammoth Mountain Forecast for the Weekend of 3/1/19-3/3/19

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already into March of the 2018/19 winter season.

We can’t imagine a better place to spend summer than Mammoth Lakes, but if you’re like the ASO Mammoth crew then March rolling around is sad news. Even though Mammoth Mountain had a record setting February, you can expect March to show the first signs of spring and the inevitable offseason. There is some good news though. If you haven’t heard, Mammoth Mountain is expecting to stay open all the way to July which means you have plenty of time to get on the mountain.

Use ASO Mammoth’s weekend weather reports to make sure you’re prepared for the weather this weekend and the rest of the season!

Snowfall Totals from Last Week

Based on a few different forecasts we thought last weekend would be a warm up from the February cold snap, but it turns out sunshine and crossed fingers weren’t enough to warm up Mammoth Mountain. The good news is that the cold weather made the last weekend of February a snowy one with 5.5 inches falling on Friday the 22nd and another 2 inches falling on Saturday the 23rd.

More snow fell during the week despite the temperature rising above freezing on Wednesday the 27th to offset the low of -3 from Saturday! In total, 9.5 inches fell on Wednesday and Thursday, creating excellent snow for this weekend.

Forecast for the Weekend of 3/1/19-3/3/19

Friday: March is picking up right where February left off with more snow called for this weekend. Starting on Friday night you can expect an accumulation of 4-8 inches, but if you step outside the snow won’t be what grabs your attention.

After 10 pm forecasts call for winds up to 35 mph and with a low temperature of 23˚ you can expect biting winds, so bundle up for those late-night dog walks and trips to the trash can.

Saturday: The snow and winds will increase into Saturday, so if you’re heading outside be prepared for heavy winds and blowing snow.

If you’re planning on riding at Mammoth Mountain, then bring gear like neck gators to make sure the wind doesn’t bother you and goggles to preserve visibility through the blowing snow, which there should be plenty of. Forecasts call for a high of 28˚, cloudy skies, and at least 9 inches on top of the 4-8 from Friday night, so keep a brush and shovel in your car to avoid exhausting yourself while cleaning off your car after a day on the hill.

The winds will blow steadily into Saturday night while the snowfall will taper off after 10 pm with a low temperature of 21˚.

Sunday: Although most of the snow will stop by Sunday, the winds will remain steady at around 30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph. Fortunately the clouds will move out of the area along with the snow, giving you a partly sunny day with a high of 30˚. Heading into Sunday night the winds will decrease down to 25 mph with gusts near 40 mph.

What to Keep an Eye out for:

High winds throughout the weekend make it likely that lifts will shut down at Mammoth Mountain, so have a plan in place in case the top of the mountain closes down. Looking further into the upcoming week, you should keep an eye out for more snow to fall on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you need a new shovel because this winter’s snow finally broke your old one, stop by ASO Mammoth for all your winter gear needs!

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