What You Need to Know About COVID-19 and Mammoth Lakes’ Fourth of July Celebrations

Countless memories have been made on the snow-covered mountains surrounding Mammoth Lakes, but anyone who has visited Mammoth Lakes for the Fourth of July knows that the summer is just as special and memorable as the winter.

That’s why the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions that are currently keeping people away from the area are especially difficult. The businesses and people of Mammoth Lakes are ready to welcome back visitors and celebrate America, but it’s hard to tell if that will be possible due to California’s current stay at home order and other COVID related regulations meant to keep people safe and healthy. To help out, we’ve listed key information about Mammoth Lakes’ Fourth of July events below. Check it out and stay safe this summer!

Fourth of July Celebrations are Happening, but that Does Not Mean Mammoth is Open

The good news is that Mammoth Lakes permitted hotels, lodging, and campgrounds to open with social distancing and COVID safety regulations implemented. Also, the current short-term rental ban that has stopped services like Airbnb from renting lodging is expected to either be relaxed or even repealed at the end of June. Lastly, the Mammoth Lakes Fourth of July Celebration is happening with attendees being asked to wear masks and practice social distancing.

Just because travel-related businesses are opening up does not mean that you should travel to Mammoth Lakes at your first chance though. The relaxation of COVID regulations is a result of cases trending down in Mono county, not because the area is ready for a surge of tourists. California’s stay at home order is still in effect which means that non-essential travel is still discouraged. Unfortunately, that means that long-distance travel to Mammoth Lakes to celebrate the Fourth of July is not encouraged at this time.

No one wants visitors back in Mammoth Lakes more than the businesses and people that call this area home, so please look for updates so you’ll know when Mammoth Lakes is open to visitors again!

The Eastern Sierra are Trending in the Right Direction

As difficult as it has been to stay at home and out of the beautiful Eastern Sierra wilderness, the hard work is starting to pay off.

Yosemite National Park opened on June 11th with a limit of 1,700 vehicles a day. June Lake campground opened on June 12th and the Lakes Basin road will open by June 20th. Although long-distance travel to the area is still discouraged, the opening of these public areas is a great sign of openings to come and a reward for the Mammoth Lakes locals who have stayed home and helped flatten the curve.

If You Have Questions About Your Fourth of July Event, Check with the Organizer

Many events are up in the air due to COVID – 19 and trying to find out information about events in Mammoth Lakes can be difficult if you’re out of town. The best way to get the final word on if your event is happening is to ask the organizer. Many organizers are posting their event’s status on social media or are at least reachable by email or phone, so if you have questions about if or how your event is happening then those resources are your best bet on getting answers.

You Can Find Mammoth Lakes COVID-19 Updates Here

When it comes to a small town like Mammoth Lakes, it can be difficult to find information about regulations. To help out we’ve linked Mono County’s COVID–19 response page here so you can get the most up-to-date information on Mammoth Lakes and COVID-19.

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