Simple Safety Protocol for Driving Up Mammoth Mountain

Mountain Safety is imperative when driving in potentially dangerous weather conditions. If you’re not familiar with driving over black ice or in snowstorms, this article may benefit you when cruising up to the slopes this winter. There are a handful of ways to get up to Mammoth Mountain; California US 395, California 203, California 120, California 108, and California 158. That being said, there are multiple routes to monitor when making your trip up the mountains. Therefore, we have made an easy safety protocol to follow when driving up any of the routes to Mammoth Mountain.

It is important to always check the weather or visit a storm tracking website to ensure there won’t be any “bumps’ in the road. Once you are aware of the weather conditions, you should prepare for the unexpected to ensure a smooth trip.

Before your trip, get your vehicle tires sized and purchase the appropriate chains for your wheels. Once you purchase the appropriate chains for your vehicle, practice applying the chains to your vehicles tires. By practicing this step, your efficiency will ultimately minimize your time spent on the side of the road.

Mammoth Mountain Snow Tire Chains

It is important to take winding turns slowly and carefully up the mountain. Black ice is often undetectable. By taking necessary precaution, you are practicing safe and defensive driving habits, which is imperative when on the road. If it begins to snow, it’s important to turn on your low beams rather than your high beams. By using your low beams, you are limiting your chances of snow, sleet, or fog reflecting back at you.

Your safety is incredibly important to us, so please be sure to be aware of your surroundings, take precautionary measures when driving in unfamiliar weather conditions, and we’ll see you when you get here!

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