Fitness Tips for Day Hikers

Most people think of day hikes as a form of exercise and not an activity you need to prepare for, and if you’re hiking only a few miles over easy terrain that may be true. However, if you’re hiking more than a mile or two over steep, rocky, or unpredictable terrain then you should be … Read more

ASO Mammoth’s Basic Tips for Thru-Hiking

Whether you’re looking for a life changing experience or just want a challenging adventure, thru-hiking is one of the best ways to explore the vast American wilderness. Thru-hikers get to explore thousands of miles of untouched wilderness, but they also face the physical toll hiking and camping takes on the body as well as the … Read more

The Best Summer Day Trips to Take From Mammoth Lakes

Nothing goes together like summer and road trips, but when you add in stunning scenery like what you’ll find throughout the area surrounding Mammoth Lakes you’ve got an unbeatable combination. As Mammoth Lakes locals, the ASO Mammoth team knows all about being driven crazy by snow that just won’t go away. There’s no better way … Read more

ASO Mammoth’s Backpacking Essentials

Getting lost typically results in frustration, but getting lost in the Eastern Sierras (with the proper gear) results in lifechanging encounters with nature. There is nothing better than trading the sounds and sights of civilization for the solitude only found deep in the wilderness, and there is more than enough wilderness surrounding Mammoth Lakes for … Read more