ASO Mammoth’s Wildfire Prevention Tips

Despite Mammoth’s early snow this year there is always a chance for wildfires during summer and fall due to dry conditions. Even after wet winters and precipitation in the summer, wildfires are always a serious threat to the Eastern Sierra wilderness and all who live there. If you’re visiting Mammoth Lakes when there are dry … Read more

ASO Mammoth’s Camping Cooking Tips

One of the joys of camping is getting away from the well-worn comforts of home and living in a new and unique environment even if only for one night. One thing that green and seasoned campers alike can agree on though is that a homecooked meal is always welcome while camping, and if you’re the … Read more

ASO Mammoth’s Guide to Leave No Trace Camping

Once you see the Eastern Sierra wilderness, it’s easy to think that it goes on forever. However, the wilderness that brings campers, hikers, and outdoors enthusiasts to Mammoth Lakes is very much a limited resource that needs to be protected by all who visit. Although it’s always good to volunteer to aid conservation efforts, you … Read more

Mammoth Lakes Best Summer Campgrounds

Whether you’re looking for a clearing in the middle of the wilderness, a campground with developed bathroom facilities, or something in between, Mammoth Lakes has what you’re looking for. Mammoth Mountain’s slopes may attract visitors and athletes from all over the world during the winter, but the scenery, perfect weather, and numerous campgrounds and wilderness … Read more