Another Expected Storm to Hit Mammoth Mountain This Week

Today is the start of another epic storm at Mammoth Mountain! Early this morning, temperatures, precipitation and humidity perfectly alined allowing the first snowfall in almost week hit the mountain. We’re expecting it storm several feet over the course of the next 4 days!

There will be a drastic temperature drop of 10° Fahrenheit from Tuesday to Wednesday of next week. The forecast has predicted snow Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and “snow showers” Friday through Saturday.

So if you used your sick hours to take last weekend off and are stuck at the office this coming week, don’t stress because this weekend with also be bountiful.

Arthur Cardenas, Flight Medic for VCSO SAR and Mammoth Season Pass Holder commented on this season so far stating “Its been fun and they’re getting a lot more snow, so I heard it’s just getting better and better. Plus I love mammoth so I’m biased.”

Another Mammoth Pass Holder, Michael Kusaba commented “There was so much snow falling that every run I was essentially laying down fresh tracks. Every run had an abundance of powder on and off the main trails and waking up in the morning to an additional 2 feet definitely got me pumped for the day”.

So far this season at Mammoth Mountain is one to remember, with feet-upon-feet of fresh powder provided by nature, we couldn’t be happier.

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