3 Places to Find Discounted Mammoth Mountain Lift Tickets

If you’re like the team at ASO Mammoth, spending less on lodging, food, gear, and transportation means more days on the mountain. Another huge cost that keeps people from spending extra days on the mountain is lift tickets.

While Mammoth Mountain does a great job of offering discounted lift tickets based on the number of days you book at once or through specials, there are other options to find great deals that will keep you on the mountain longer. We’re no stranger to riding on a budget, so the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick list of our three favorite places to find discounted lift tickets to Mammoth Mountain. Check it out below!

Please be aware that these sites offer tickets based on availability and membership, so some deals may be temporary or require membership for purchase.


Along with excellent outdoor gear and information, REI is also home to sweet deals on lift tickets to Mammoth Mountain and other ski resorts.

While the deal linked above requires you to be an REI member, an REI membership is a great investment if you like any type of outdoor sport and the cost of membership is a one time $20 fee. On their current deal to Mammoth Mountain you’ll save over $100, so if you don’t have a membership already and are heading to Mammoth now is the time. With these specific tickets, you’ll get a single lift ticket with two day passes loaded onto it. While there are restricted dates of 12/22/18-1/5/19, 1/19-1/20/19, 2/16-2/17/19, REI also offers the same deal for Teen and Senior Lift tickets to Mammoth.


You might think of Costco as the place you can stock up on paper towels and other wholesale items, but they also offer a great deal on lift tickets to Mammoth Mountain.

Although you must be a member to take advantage of this deal,  you can always find a friend or family member if you’re not a Costco shopper and use their membership to purchase the tickets online. If you do purchase these tickets online, be aware that you will have to wait in line at the mountain to validate you e-voucher while if you buy in the store you can head straight to the slopes. Like REI’s tickets, the Costco deal comes with blackout dates of 12/22/18-1/5/19, 1/19-1/20/19, 2/16-2/17/19, so plan accordingly!


You might not be as familiar with Liftopia’s name as you are with REI or Costco, but they offer a more lift tickets for Mammoth and just about every other mountain you would want to ride than either other site on this list.

Liftopia makes it easy to see what deals are available, what days are blacked out, and what deal is the best by each day thanks to their calendar. They also offer different deals based on the number of days you’ll be in town, like their 4 of 6 deal which offers 4 days of riding over a 6 day period. Take your time and check out their entire calendar to find the best deal, and be prepared to hit the lift line as Liftopia tickets must be redeemed at the ticket window with a valid driver’s license.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can always call or stop by ASO Mammoth and ask where to find the best deals on lift tickets, snowboard and ski gear, and winter sports rentals!

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