Why You Should Ski and Snowboard with a CamelBak

Why You Should Ski and Snowboard with a CamelBak

Here at ASO Mammoth we love to talk about snow as much as anyone, but today we’re talking about a different, but just as important, form of water.

We want everyone to enjoy their time on Mammoth Mountain as much as possible, so the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick list of reasons why you should ski or snowboard with a Camelbak during your next visit to Mammoth Mountain. Check it out below and then visit the ASO Mammoth shop for a Camelbak and other ski and snowboard gear in Mammoth Lakes! 

Exercise at Elevation Requires Hydration

It doesn’t matter if you love groomed runs, powdery tree trails, or spend all day in the terrain park, skiing and snowboarding are physical activities that will dehydrate you. Still, food and drinks at mountain lodges can be expensive and many people don’t carry a water bottle with them while on the slopes, so most don’t drink nearly enough water while riding. This becomes an even bigger problem when you’re riding somewhere with a high elevation like Mammoth Mountain where your body must work harder to perform.

Dehydration not only means you’ll enjoy your time on the slopes less, but you’ll also feel its effects like headaches and fatigue when you’re supposed to be relaxing!

Fortunately, Camelbaks make it easy to stay hydrated on the slopes. 

You Can Hydrate on the Go

Even if you typically ski or snowboard with a backpack on, carrying a water bottle in it can be extremely frustrating. Not only does it add extra weight and move around on your back as you ride, but the process of taking off your backpack, finding your water bottle, drinking, and then putting it back in a way that doesn’t bother you, all while wearing gloves, often takes so long that most people don’t drink the water they bring.

Camelbaks allow you to hydrate on the go.

Forget taking off your gloves and digging around in your pack. All you need to do to drink out of a camelbak is tilt your head down to the tube and drink. You can even drink while skiing and snowboarding, which means you can get in more runs!

No Bulky Water Bottle in Your Pack

One regular sized water bottle won’t be enough for a full day of skiing or snowboarding, but if you’ve ever tried to sit on a ski lift with a bottle in your backpack then you know how uncomfortable it is to carry a day’s worth of water in your pack.

Camelbaks prevent discomfort by storing ample water in a flat and flexible rubber bladder that not only takes up minimal room in your pack but also fits perfectly against your back so that you don’t even know that it’s there.

Keep Your Camelbak from Freezing

If you could drink snow and ice then you wouldn’t need to carry water in the first place, but the fact is that on extra cold days water can freeze in Camelbak bladders and hoses.

Fortunately, most backpacks are designed to work with Camelbaks so that the bladder can sit comfortably in your backpack where it will take much longer to freeze. Plus, there are covers for Camelbak tubes that prevent water from freezing inside and jamming your supply. Even if all that fails to keep your water from freezing, you can fill your Camelbak with warm water at the start of the day and let it cool down without freezing until you’re ready to drink!