Top 6 Reasons to Hike When You Visit Mammoth

Nestled high in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range, Mammoth Lakes is more than just a world-class skiing destination. It’s also a great place to go hiking. If you need some additional encouragement to make your way to this popular outdoor hot spot to hike, the helpful folks from ASO Mammoth, a top-tier Mammoth outdoor store, offer six compelling reasons to take this step.\

1. You Don’t Have to Be an Expert Hiker

Mammoth is home to a highly varied trail system that includes nearly 40 moderate trails and an assortment of easier ones along with some more challenging trails for experienced hikers. What this means is you don’t have to be a skilled hiker to enjoy the hiking experience here. For instance, you could casually work your way down the Horseshoe Lake Loop along a smooth, flat, partially shaded trail.\

2. Heat Is Rarely an Issue

Average high temperatures in the Mammoth area don’t get higher than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity levels also tend to be reasonable. You’ll still want to bring some water and other recommended gear with you, but the heat is rarely a serious issue for hikers in the Mammoth region. It can actually get noticeably colder later in the day along the commonly used hiking trails.

3. You Can Conveniently Join Trails at Different Points

\You don’t have to start at the beginning with Mammoth’s trails. In fact, there are many convenient access points throughout the Mammoth trail system. For example, you can treat yourself to a panoramic view as you hike by picking up the trailhead for the popular Panorama Dome Trail from Trolley Stop 95. You can also take the free Mammoth Mountain shuttle to get from the town to the main lodge and its adjacent trails.

4. You Don’t Need to Bring Everything with You

If you don’t feel like stuffing a bunch of hiking gear into your car, Mammoth is the place to go hiking. Plenty of outdoor supply shops and other places to buy hiking shoes and clothes are conveniently located throughout the area.

5. The View Is Amazing

You may be surprised at just how many selfie-worthy views can be enjoyed as you hike along any of the trails in Mammoth. On the Minaret Vista Trail, you’ll go through a pristine pine forest most of the way. Sunsets viewable from many of the hiking trails here are equally breathtaking. The Sotcher Lake Loop even has a self-guided nature trail, and many of the other loops will give you perfect views of Rainbow Falls and other nearby natural wonders.

6. Hiking in Mammoth Can Be Combined with Many Other Activities

Hiking doesn’t have to take up your entire day when you visit Mammoth. Because of the pleasant weather here, you can easily hike at any time of day if you’re well prepared, and you can treat yourself to other enjoyable side activities that might include:

• Visiting the Village at Mammoth to eat and shop
• Packing a lunch to enjoy at one of the picnic areas near several of the hiking trails
• Wrapping up your hiking adventure with a visit to a local spa for some pampering 

Incredible hiking opportunities are just one of the reasons thousands of people visit Mammoth Mountain every year. No matter when you choose to visit Mammoth, you’ll find a ton of fun things for the whole family to enjoy. While you’re here, stop by and see the friendly team at ASO Mammoth. Whether you need hiking gear, mountain bike repair, fishing licenses, or ski rental in Mammoth, you’ll find everything you need at our store. Drop by on your way to the trails or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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