Where to Ride on the Mammoth Lakes Summer Transit Service

If the streams, trails, and stunning views are not enough to get you out the door, there’s one more thing that makes a summer visit to Mammoth Lakes even harder to resist.

Even during years where snow is still falling well into spring the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority offers fare-free bus rides on fixed routes within the town of Mammoth Lakes. That means whether you flew into town and are without a car or have a car and just don’t want to deal with parking, you have a ride throughout Mammoth Lakes and to some of the most popular spots in the area! To help you make the most of the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority’s summer transit service, the ASO Mammoth team has listed a few of our favorite stops along the summer routes.

Check them out below and get outside today!

Gray Line

Although the Gray Line does not run up to the Village like the Purple Line, there are still plenty of great places to ride to. For example, the Gray Line will drop you near a few Mammoth Lakes favorites like Mammoth Tavern and Mammoth Rock N’ Bowl if you’re looking for great food and fun.

If you ride the Gray Line further, you’ll also pass by Snowcreek Athletic Club where you’ll find exercise equipment, pools, and trampoline rooms for exercise and fun as well as Snowcreek Golf Course. If you’re staying at Eagle Lodge or Juniper Springs Resort, the Gray Line is also your ride to and from town.

Purple Line

The Purple Line services many of Mammoth Lakes most popular areas and several important stops as well. For example, the Purple Line will take riders to the local hospital and Vons, a grocery store. While both the hospital and Vons are also serviced by the Gray Line, the fact that the Purple Line runs up to the Village as well as through the residential area between Meridian Blvd. and Main St. makes it ideal for visitors and locals alike.

There are other important stops along the Purple Line though, such as the Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center, Library, and access to Main Lodge via the Village Gondola. If you’re taking the Purple Line into the Village, check out Mammoth Brewing Company as it is just one more popular spot serviced by the Purple Line.

Lakes Basin Trolley

While the Purple and Gray Line are great for getting around the town of Mammoth Lakes, one of the best ways to get to the scenic beauty Mammoth Lakes is known for is the Lakes Basin Trolley.

Not only will you find accommodations like Tamarack Lodge in the Lakes Basin area, you’ll find plenty of campgrounds and trails that explore some of the best scenery in the area. The Lakes Basin Trolley starts just outside of the Village and runs all the way to the Lakes Basin and back.

Reds Meadow Shuttle

Like the Lakes Basin Trolley, the Reds Meadow Shuttle runs from the Village to excellent camping and hiking areas as well as Devils Postpile National Monument.

It is important to note that the Reds Meadow Shuttle only runs once the road has been cleared of snow, so the shuttle may begin summer service later than others on this list. You should also note that all visitors to Reds Meadow and Devils Postpile National Monument are required to ride the Reds Meadow Shuttle with a few exceptions.

For more information, check out the shuttle page here.

For information about where, when, and how the summer transit service runs, check out the Eastern Sierra Transit Authority’s page here.

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