Where to Find Ski and Snowboard Reviews

We all dream of skiing and snowboarding through powder on a bluebird day, but most of us don’t dream about skis and snowboards. (Unless you’re a member of the ASO Mammoth team.)

Your skis and snowboard are a massive investment from your outdoor recreation budget. Not only are they typically expensive, but if you get it wrong then you may struggle on the slope instead of shredding.

That’s why the ASO Mammoth team has put together a short guide to where to find ski and snowboard reviews here. Check it out before your next ski or snowboard purchase, and then visit the ASO Mammoth shop for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

The Good Ride

Although the Good Ride reviews snowboards and snowboard gear only, they do a great job of going into detail about the boards and gear that they demo.

They also demo more than just core snowboarding gear like boards and bindings. Boots, helmets, goggles, gloves, and even snowboard tools are reviewed on The Good Ride. On top of that, The Good Ride has a deep catalogue of reviews, so if you’re looking at an older board then you can still find information on it.


Just like The Good Ride, Blister reviews a wide variety of gear including gear for sports that take place during the offseason. Still, they have a huge focus on skis and skiing gear that makes them worth mentioning here.

Blister also has a high bar for what they consider a quality review, which can make you feel sure that you’re getting exactly what you expect if you choose to buy what they’re reviewing. We like Blister due to their experience, openness, and the wide range of reviews that they do.

Board Insiders

As the name implies, Board Insiders is another site that only reviews snowboards. However, we’re mentioning them here since they make a point of making 4 videos for every snowboard they review.

Board Insiders typically tests boards for longer than other reviewers and get the opinions of everyone from average riders to advanced riders so you know how a board will feel based on your skill.

Ski Shop Pros

Although it may be initially easier to find a review online for a board or pair of skis you’re considering, if you can visit a trusted ski shop and ask for their advice then it may be your best bet.

The people working at ski shops love skiing and snowboarding and will be the most up to date on new designs and how they perform. If you have a local ski shop then don’t hesitate to ask their opinion on what to get.


Ski and snowboard manufactures will bring their boards and skis to mountains so that potential buyers can try them out on the snow. If you find that a manufacture that you like is demoing boards at a nearby mountain, then you’ll get the best review possible since you’ll get to ride the gear yourself!