When Does Mammoth Mountain Close This Year?

When Does Mammoth Mountain Close This Year?

Whether you love all things winter or can’t wait for spring to bring back hiking and mountain biking to Mammoth Mountain, everyone wants to know when Mammoth Mountain’s 2021/22 winter season will end.

Unfortunately, there’s not a simple answer to the question.

The ASO Mammoth team is fortunate enough to call Mammoth Lakes home, so we’ve seen enough winters here to know that saying when it will stop snowing in the Eastern Sierras is a tall task. Still, we’ve listed what we know about when Mammoth Mountain will close this year below to help you plan your spring trip!

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Canyon Lodge will close on April 17th

Eastern Sierra weather is hard to predict, and each year’s closing date depends on a combination of the current weather as well as how much snow fell during the winter.

That being said, Canyon Lodge will be closing on April 17th this year. The reason we know that is because Mammoth Mountain has planned for their annual pond skim to take place that day at Canyon Lodge, which means the lodge will be closed for the season the following day.

You can still ski and snowboard at Canyon Lodge on the 17th, and we recommend you do so that you can enjoy Mammoth Mountain’s pond skim, but after that Canyon will be closed for skiing and snowboarding until next season!

Eagle Lodge May Close Earlier Depending on the Weather

Eagle Lodge typically closes around the same time as Canyon, but if warm weather brings no new snow then Eagle may close even earlier than April 17th.

Eagle lodge is currently on track to close on April 17th, but you’ll need to keep an eye out for alerts that say anything different. If you’re planning on staying near Eagle Lodge during a late spring trip then you may need to make a plan to get to other parts of the mountain to start your day.

Fortunately, there are free public transit options in Mammoth Lakes to help make sure you get to the mountain and have a blast!

Main Lodge Will Stay Open Well into May

Main Lodge and the runs immediately above it are currently scheduled to stay open until Memorial Day this year, but if a late storm drops more snow then the season could be extended.

Still, if you’re riding at Mammoth Mountain in May then you can expect stiff snow in the morning that softens up throughout the day until it becomes slushy once the afternoon begins. The trails above Main Lodge will remain open as long as possible and the riding there can be a blast on the groomed trails once the snow softens up!

Even the trails off the summit can be a perfect place to ski or snowboard if you hit them at the right time, so if you’ve been telling yourself that you’re going to stomp a run near the summit before the end of the year then April and May will be the perfect time!