What You Need to Know About Demoing Skis and Snowboards

We’re at the time of year where we start to appreciate the last few weeks of the winter season and make plans for next year. For many, that means thinking about what gear upgrades they want to make or, if you’re a beginner who has caught the skiing or snowboarding bug, what the first gear you buy for next year will be.

If you’re on the market for new gear then demoing skis, boards, and boots is a great way to make a decision based on experience rather than just assumptions. To make your demoing experience as quick and easy as possible, the team at ASO Mammoth has put together a list of common questions people have when demoing ski and snowboard gear.

Read all about it below, and if you have any questions or want to discuss demoing gear then come into ASO Mammoth for the best gear on the mountain!

How Does Demoing Gear Work?

Each shop is different, but in general shops have a limited number of ski and snowboard models that they set aside to let customers use for a day if they’re interested in buying them. Demoing typically costs a little more than renting gear, but most shops will apply the demo fee to the total price of the gear if you decide to buy it. Some shops will even let you try multiple pieces of gear for the price of one rental or let you reserve a certain set of skis or snowboard beforehand.

The main thing to know is that each shop’s demo process is different and they offer different gear to rent, so always call ahead and ask before making plans.

Can You Buy Demo Gear?

It depends.

For example, if you demo a set of skis and want to purchase it right after you get off the mountain then there is nothing stopping you. Sometimes though, a shop will sell demo gear at a steep discount after they’ve run out of its stock or are replacing it with a newer model at the end of the season. Along with the benefit of demo gear being discounted as used gear, demo gear is also typically well maintained as shops keep it in good shape so customers are more likely to buy it. If you’re looking to purchase great gear at a steep discount, then talk to your local shop and see when they’re planning on selling the gear you’re interested in.

Is Buying Old Demo Gear a Good Idea?

Once again, it depends.

Skiers and snowboarders are more likely to ride aggressively while trying demo gear out than they are with their own gear. Despite how well a shop maintains a ski or snowboard some damage can shorten their lifespan, so it comes down to the specific piece of gear you’re interested in.

Ask the gear technicians at the shop to learn more about what you can expect from the gear you’re interested in. Then, decide if the price matches what you’ll get out of it.

How Should You Ride Demo Gear?

That depends on what gear you’re trying and what you’re specifically looking for in it, but a good general rule is to try demo gear with a pair of boots you’re comfortable with. Doing so will ensure that any gear you purchase after demoing will perform exactly as it did when your demoed it.

Lastly, many shops, resorts, and brands will hold demo days where they waive the demo fee and let you try out all kinds of gear for free. Keep any eye out for demo days at your local mountain and try new skis and snowboards for free!

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