At What Age Can You Start Snowboarding?

Kids love watching snowboarders, and parents who are avid winter sports fans often wonder when their children will be ready to go carving their way down the mountain. Technically, a person can go snowboarding at almost any age, and you might see people of all ages, from toddlers to grandparents, out hitting the slopes during the busy season. Yet there’s a point where kids tend to be ready for serious lessons, and knowing what signs to look for in your children lets you know when it’s time to help them start learning how to snowboard. The snow sports experts from ASO Mammoth, a premier provider of ski and snowboard rental in Mammoth, offer some tips to get you started.

Provide Early Exposure to Winter Sports

Children can use snowboards about the time they can stand on their own two feet and have a little coordination. Children as young as two have had some success with snowboarding, but they typically do better on skis at first. Snowboarding requires more core strength and balance than most toddlers have at that age. Still, helping your children try out skiing, sledding, and moving around on a snowboard teaches them about how their bodies can use various equipment to move across the snow. At this early age, the primary purpose is to develop a love for winter activities. Keep your play sessions fun, and let your kids take the lead.

Begin Lessons Around Age Seven

In the snowboarding world, most instructors will tell you seven is the golden age for beginning lessons. By the age of seven, most kids have developed enough motor skills to benefit from their lessons, and they have a lower center of gravity that helps them stay upright. Seven-year-olds also tend to have a huge love of adventure. While you’ll want to make sure an adult stays nearby to minimize the risk of injury, your kids will be eager to try out new skills as they develop their balance and ability to pick up speed.

Leave the Door Open for Older Kids

Seven might be the ideal age to introduce kids to snowboarding, but you don’t want to rule out starting later. Many professional snowboarders began as older kids or teens, and it really is never too late to start using a snowboard for recreational purposes. If your older kid shows an interest, take him or her out on the slopes and ask if he or she would like lessons. Learning how to snowboard builds confidence and offers your kid the chance to develop a lifelong interest in the sport.

Stay Safe at Any Age

People of all ages need to focus on safety, and teenagers need just as much protection on the slopes as you would give your toddlers. With kids, one of the biggest concerns is using safety gear they’ve outgrown. Kids grow so fast that it’s easy for a helmet or wrist guard to suddenly be too small to provide proper protection. Renting equipment is a great way to keep up with your child’s growing safety needs while staying within an acceptable budget. As a final note, make sure to bundle your kids up and always stay within tracks that meet their skill set.

For advice on getting started with snow sports at any age, drop by and chat with the pros at ASO Mammoth. We have everything you need to get started, including the latest gear and accessories. Whether you need a professional wax on your skis or you’re searching for the best place for Mammoth snowboard rental, look no further than ASO Mammoth. We’re your one-stop shop for getting ready to hit the slopes in safety and style. Give us a call today at 760-965-3444.