Your Guide to Demoing Skis and Snowboards at Mammoth Mountain

Progressing in skiing and snowboarding is about more than just spending time on the snow. After all, if you don’t have advanced gear then you won’t be able to ski advanced lines to your full potential. That’s why demoing skis and snowboards at Mammoth Mountain is a great way to push your skills as well as find your next piece of gear!

We’ve written everything you need to know about demoing skis and snowboards at Mammoth Mountain here so you can spend less time in the shop and more time on the snow. Read all about it below, then visit ASO Mammoth for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Visit the Lodges Early

When you demo gear at Mammoth Mountain, you do so from one of the three lodges around the base of the mountain. These are the same lodges where people rent skis and snowboards, so you can expect a long line if you show up right when the mountain opens.

The lodges are open before the chairs start spinning, so visit the lodge of your choice to set up your demo before then and beat the crowds. 

Bring Your Ski or Snowboard Boots with You

One of the best ways to guarantee that you get the perfect demo is by bringing your ski or snowboard boots with you to the rental shop.

Having your boots will allow the gear techs to fit you to the right board, skis, and bindings so you can don’t have to guess how your boots will fit into them. 

Have a Plan For What You Want to Ski

When you speak to the gear techs about your demo, they’ll ask you what you like to ski and what you want to explore while on your demo.

Having a good idea of what exactly that looks like for you will speed up the process and give you the right gear to reach your goals. You can also adjust your goals based on the conditions, like if there is powder on the slopes or if the snow is slushy.

You Can Exchange Skis and Snowboards at Any Lodge 

One of the best parts of demoing skis and snowboards at Mammoth Mountain is that there are three separate lodges all around the mountain where you can either start your demo, exchange gear for something different, or return it at the end of the day.

Even if you rent gear from one lodge at the beginning of the day, you can return it at any of the other lodges once you’re done skiing.

Some Lodges Have More Gear Than Others

Because people can return their gear at different lodges, there may be more of a specific type of gear at one lodge than another.

For example, Eagle Lodge may have more beginner ski gear while Main Lodge may have more park skis and snowboards since Main Park is near Main Lodge. You can see exactly what each lodge has in its demo selection on Mammoth Mountain’s demo page!