8 Popular Forms of Skiing

Most people are familiar with recreational downhill skiing, otherwise known as Alpine skiing. That’s the most popular way to enjoy the slopes, but there are several other types of skiing you might want to try next time you take a trip to the ski resort. The snow sports experts from ASO Mammoth, your go-to place for snowboard and ski rental in Mammoth, explain the eight different types of skiing you should know about if you’re developing an interest in the sport.

1. Alpine Skiing

Commonly referred to as downhill skiing, this is the basic popular form of the sport where you gear up, strap on your skis, and glide down the slope. You’ll usually encounter this type of skiing at resorts that provide lifts to the top of the slopes, and you’ll have some variations in terrain as you ski downward, depending on the difficulty of the course you choose. 

2. Freestyle

This type of skiing is all about performing tricks such as jumps and twists. You can do freestyle on a half-pipe or on natural terrain designated for this particular type of skiing. Depending on the height of the jumps, freestyle skiing can be very difficult and dangerous.

3. Heli-Skiing

If you’re an expert skier and want some fresh snow to explore, one way is to take a helicopter to the more secluded slopes around the ski resort. If you’re brave enough, pack all your skiing gear on the helicopter, fly to a remote mountain slope, and drop down onto the fresh powder on your skis. 

4. Cross-Country

Cross-country skiing is done on flat terrain rather than downhill. Consequently, you’ll get a very strenuous workout because you don’t have the force of gravity to pull you along. 

5. Hut-to-Hut

This is an extended adventure where you’ll travel through the wilderness from one hut to another. It’s a way to appreciate nature for an extended time while getting a great deal of exercise.

6. Telemarking

Telemarking is a blend of downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. Most of the course is downhill, but you’ll wear telemark skis that are more flexible and allow for easier self-propelled motion on terrain that’s not a steep downhill run.

7. Alpine Touring

Alpine touring simply means you make your way up the hill on your skis instead of taking a lift before skiing down in the standard Alpine fashion. This type of skiing is physically challenging, but using skis to scale up the hill isn’t as demanding as hiking uphill in the snow.

8. All-Mountain

If you’ve had enough of the resort’s popular slopes, you can set out on your own adventure by exploring some hills in the backcountry areas. You can find some challenging slopes with fresh powdery snow in these spots.

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