Ways to Keep Warm During a Cold Season on the Mountain

Packing for a trip can be tough, especially with dynamic weather conditions and forecasts. We’ve compiled a quick list to help you prepare and pack for a cold season on the mountain!

1. Be sure to pack a warm waterproof jacket. Although peacoats look stylish, they aren’t useful protection in the snow.

2. If you are planning to be on the mountain for an extended period of time, it is important to keep your neck, hands and face warm. If you wear a wool neck warmer or thin breathable facemask, it will increase your time on the mountain while also keeping your body temperature up!

3. It’s also important to remember when taking breaks on the mountain, allow your body to rest, recover, and warm up by shedding any drenched outerwear indoors.

4. If conditions are too frigid, limit your time spent in the cold.

5. If you need to sit a couple runs out to warm up, order a hot beverage.

6. Lastly, enjoy your time on the mountain and have fun!

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