The Snowmaking Process on Mammoth Mountain

Have you ever stopped to think how Mammoth Mountain produces and maintains it’s snowy slopes? Well, we are here to enlighten you on the seasonal production of snow on the mountain!

Currently, Mammoth Mountain has over 1,000 sub-surface manholes with access to water and air pressure, which are key ingredients in the production of the snowmaking process.

Firstly, the Mountain’s Snow Placement Department maps out the entire mountain and runs that need coverage. Next, they track temperatures at different altitudes and times to determine when the best times are to produce snow in the lacking areas. The team then complies data such as system pressure, pressure set points, how long the machines will be running etc. and work their magic.

While the rest of us are out partying our way through the evening or getting a good nights sleep in preparation to hit the slopes early the next morning, the Snow Placement Department is working hard through the night to put fresh snow on the mountains for us.

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