6 of Mammoth’s Finest Places to Fish

There’s more than snowboarding, skiing, hiking, and mountain biking to do when you visit Mammoth Lakes. As its name suggests, this part of California is dotted with lakes, creeks, and rivers that are perfect for freshwater fishing. Thanks to Mother Nature’s endless generosity, the Native American tribes in this region have been able to subsist on fishing for many centuries. Seasoned anglers know a trip to Mammoth Lakes will always result in a nice catch, and they’re partial to the spots listed below. If you’d like more advice on where to cast your line or you need last-minute fishing supplies or licenses, stop by ASO Mammoth, your premier choice for fishing gear, high-quality equipment, and mountain bike, snowboard, and ski rental in Mammoth.

1. Convict Lake

As one of the most photogenic spots in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Convict Lake has been the filming location for television commercials and movies such as Star Trek: Insurrection and the 2019 Netflix original Rim of the World. A well-kept hiking trail around Convict Lake will let you explore many shore spots, but you can also rent a boat at the marina, which is highly recommended because the crystal-clear water will let you spot very large rainbow trout. The season runs from late April to mid-November.

2. Crowley Lake

Located to the south of the Mammoth Lakes Basin, this spot is perfect for competitive anglers. Crowley Lake even features its own fishing camp, which is partly managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for the purpose of making sure there are enough species for everyone to catch. If your fishing trip includes overnight stays, Crowley Lake is a great choice.

3. Crystal Lake

Located about two miles from the main basin, Crystal Lake has a thick forest that hugs the shoreline, thus providing a fresh outdoorsy feel for anglers who truly appreciate nature. This is a good spot for fly fishing.

4. Lake Mamie

Despite being the smallest lake in the main basin, Lake Mamie competes directly against Lake Convict in terms of photogenic appeal. There are no camping sites here, so it’s better for day trips. If your fishing gear can handle large species, you may be able to reel in an Alpers trout, a real trophy from Mammoth Lakes.

5. Twin Lakes

The tui chub cyprinids that swim in these connected bodies of water can be reeled in one after the other, and they shouldn’t present a challenge for beginners. Visitors who don’t care for fishing can always spend the day hiking around the two lakes and the majestic waterfall that feeds them, and photographers can capture canyon-like images from the northern vantage point. This part of Mammoth Lakes is stunningly beautiful during the spring.

6. Sherwin Lakes

Getting to this series of prime fishing spots will require hiking for about an hour, but the trail is well-kept, and the rewards make the effort worth it. Brook trout can be spotted right from the shore, particularly in the numerous creeks, and rainbow trout is abundant in the deeper lakes.

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