Get to Know Steven Walton, Your ASO Pro

One of the best parts of outdoors sports is the opportunity to push yourself beyond your personal limits. Whether that means hitting a big drop on a mountain bike or just adding on an extra mile to your hike, the ASO Mammoth team is here to support athletes and amateurs so they can accomplish their goals on the trail and in the mountains.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that downhill racer Steven Walton will be riding for ASO Mammoth!

We know Steven for his aggressive racing style, but to get to know him a little better we sat down and asked him a few questions. Check out his answers below and get to know your ASO Pro!

From Southern California to Around the World

Steven Walton grew up in Southern California where the abundance of trails and mountains meant he was riding a bike early on. In fact, Steven couldn’t even wait until he had a proper downhill bike before he was riding trails.

“I always really liked riding bikes. I actually used to ride local trails on my brakeless BMX bike but quickly upgraded,” Steven said about his early riding.

The bike wasn’t the only thing that changed about Steven’s riding though, as when he was ten years old he went on his first biking trip to Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. Steven has been hooked ever since and has now ridden his bike all over the world as a professional downhill racer.

What’s He Up to Now?

You can bet on finding Steven on the trail from April to August during the racing season. Which trail he’s on isn’t so easy to bet on though as the trail could be anywhere around the world.

Steven first started riding professionally after he was sponsored by KHS in 2014, and since then he’s been riding all over the West Coast as well as touring through Europe. If Steven is riding in Europe, his favorite place to ride is Maribor, Slovenia.

When asked what he likes about Maribor, Steven said, “It’s a really well put together track, and one of the coolest places I’ve been to so far.”

Where Does Steven Ride in Mammoth?

Steven’s first time riding around Mammoth Lakes was in Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, and he actually participated in the 2013 Kamikaze race. Although he has several trails he likes riding outside of the park, Steven’s favorite trail in Mammoth Lakes is Chainsmoke. However, the part that Steven likes about Chainsmoke isn’t anything that the trail designers have done, it’s what they haven’t done that attracts Steven.

“It’s so raw, they didn’t put that much work into it,” Steven said about Chainsmoke. According to Steven, It’s the untouched natural terrain that draws him back to the trail again and again.

What Does Steven Look for in a Trail?

Want to ride like the pros? Well, you’ll need to ride some trails that scare you. When asked what Steven looks for in a trail, he said, “Anything that sketches me out. It reminds me of why I like it.”

Although Steven likes to push himself on the trail, he recommends for beginners to take their time. When asked what he would tell a beginner rider, Steven said, “Stick with it. You won’t reach your goals overnight, so ride hard and keep your head down.”

What is Steven Riding Now? 

Steven’s current downhill bike is a KHS 2020 29er. Steven likes the 29er because the stability it provides allows him to be more confident and ready to attack on the trail.

What is Steven’s Favorite Snack for the Trail?

Although Steven doesn’t have an all-time favorite snack, he’s currently snacking on vanilla almond Clif Bars while riding.

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