How to Have a Great Weekend of Snowboarding with Friends

Visiting a popular snowboarding spot like Mammoth Mountain can be an even better experience if you invite friends along. A great way to do this is to set aside a weekend so you and your companions will have plenty of time to embrace the best of what the snow-packed slopes have to offer. If this sounds good to you, here are some tips to consider as you get ready for a snowboarding weekend with friends.

Plan Ahead

Popular snowboarding destinations like Mammoth Mountain tend to be busier on weekends. There are also COVID-19 restrictions to keep in mind. These are just a couple of the reasons planning your weekend getaway with friends in advance can be beneficial. You’ll also have more time to look for any deals or packages that could make a snowboarding weekend even more affordable and convenient.

As long as we’re on the topic of planning ahead for your snowboarding weekend, everyone in your group will likely appreciate some advance planning for:

• Lodging reservations
• Travel arrangements
• Lift pass purchases

Plan ahead by choosing which chairlifts you’ll be using lift passes for as well. For instance, Mammoth Mountain sets aside chairs 7, 11, 15, and 17 for beginners.

Consider Ikon Pass Options

Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain are among the snowboarding spots where Ikon passes can be used. If you’re not sure how often you’ll be able to get away, consider a limited-time pass. With the Ikon pass, there are four-day passes you and your friends can purchase online. Also, if you have an Ikon Base pass, you can offer your friends one-day lift tickets at discounted rates.

Choose Areas Matching Everyone’s Skill Level

You and your friends don’t have to be at the same skill level to enjoy a weekend of snowboarding fun. Still, you don’t want to end up in areas that either have some of your companions on terrains that are a bit too challenging or ones that will leave them bored. Take some time beforehand to choose areas you and your friends can agree on so everyone in your group has a rewarding snowboarding experience.

Rent Equipment

Renting snowboards, goggles, and other equipment when you get to your destination has many advantages. For one thing, it means not having as much stuff to pack and take back home with you. With board rentals, you and your friends can also try newer models without having to buy them. Snowboard rentals in Mammoth can also be ideal if you and your companions are beginners or occasional snowboarders.

Take Advantage of Other Local Perks

Even if you’ll be spending a big chunk of your weekend snowboarding, there will still be times when you and your friends will appreciate having other things to do. In the Mammoth area, options include:

• Visiting Rainbow Falls, Convict Lake, and other picturesque spots where you and your friends can take a lot of selfies
• Mixing things up with skiing or hiking in places like the Mammoth Lakes Town Loop
• Ordering from local restaurants with take-out or delivery options so you and your friends can stay fueled up for all the snowboarding fun

When you and your buddies are ready to head to Mammoth for the weekend, follow these tips to make the most of your snowboarding adventure. To make sure you have all the gear you’ll need, drop by and see the friendly crew at ASO Mammoth, your one-stop shop for equipment, repair, and Mammoth snowboard rentals. For more info, give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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