The Best Beginner Trails at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

With as many mountains, lakes, and views as there are surrounding Mammoth Lakes, you can’t rely on only your own two feet if you’re going to see it all.

Once the snow melts and the trails open, the best way to see and experience all the beauty of the Eastern Sierras is with a reliable mountain bike. Of course, the key ingredient is the ability to ride that mountain bike, but don’t worry if you’re not there yet as Mammoth Mountain just happens to be a world class mountain bike park during the summer.

To help you get your legs under you, the team at ASO Mammoth has put together a quick guide to the best beginner’s trails at Mammoth Mountain so you can learn at the park and head out into the wild with confidence! Check it out below!

Before You Ride on a Trail

Other than your bike, the most important things to have are a helmet and water. Other gear like gloves and elbow pads are always recommended, but a helmet is a must for all riders of any skill level. Secondly, even though Mammoth Mountain bikers have the luxury of a shuttle and lifts to take them to the top of the trails, mountain biking is still a physical activity that will leave you thirsty. Don’t get caught in the middle of the trail looking for water, carry some with you and keep it filled throughout the day.

Pioneer Practice Loop

The Pioneer Practice Loop is the perfect place to get a feel for your mountain bike. On this loop located right next to Main Lodge, you’ll become familiar with the weight, handling, and brakes of your bike or the bike you rented on the flat, dirt track.

Even if you’ve mountain biked before, the Pioneer Practice Loop is a great place to warm up or try out a new bike before you take it on the hill.

Discovery Trail

Once you get your wheels under you on the Pioneer Practice Loop, take a short trip over to the Discovery Trail and the Discovery Zone.

Discovery Trail is one of a few runs in a wider beginner area called the Discovery Zone, and it is also the first beginner run you’ll find once you take the Discovery Chair up the mountain. Here you’ll be able to practice riding narrow trails, gentle switchbacks, and varied surfaces at a comfortable incline, making Discovery Trail one of the best places to learn.

Adventure Trail

Like the Discovery Trail, the Adventure Trail is located in the Discovery Zone and is even accessible from the Discovery Trail. The Adventure trail offers more terrain for beginners to master simple features at a moderate incline and pace.

Skills Park

 Once you’re comfortable with the basics and are ready for some new features, check out the Skills Park located just underneath Discovery Chair. Even if you’re not be ready for drops and beams, there are fun features that in the Skills Park that will help you work your way up to them if you want. If you’re just looking for a fun challenge, the Skills Park is perfect for that too!


Downtown is the perfect trail to improve your skills thanks to its length and smooth ride, but it’s also a great trail to end your day with since it runs from near Main Lodge all the way into downtown Mammoth Lakes. Enjoy all the progress you’ve made by ending your day with a drink downtown via Downtown!

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