Should I Take a Backpack when I Ski?

When shopping for skiing gear, you should look for more than boots and skis. The list should also include a backpack. The snow sports experts from ASO Mammoth, the best place on the mountain for high-quality Mammoth ski rental, explain some of the advantages of taking a backpack on your skiing outing.

Size of the Backpack

A lightweight bag is best because you want to avoid unnecessary weight. The bag should hold some essential items, but it doesn’t need to be oversized and bulky. It’s recommended to wear a backpack that has two straps, but you could also wear a bag that’s slung over the shoulder or across the chest with one strap. Tighten the straps comfortably, whether you choose a one- or two-strap bag, to prevent the backpack from falling off, irritating you while you’re skiing, or straining your muscles on the hill.


Snacks are essential to place inside your backpack, especially if you intend to ski for a long time. Packing items like protein bars, dried fruits, nuts, crackers, peanut butter, apple slices, and chocolate could give you the protein and energy you need to continue skiing instead of causing you to go back inside during a session. If you crave more substance and have higher energy levels, packing a sandwich is an excellent choice.

Whether you want to pack snacks or not, hydration is vital. Therefore, your backpack should include a water bottle or lightweight drinks. For more energy, pack electrolytes you can add to the water.

Camera & Portable Accessories

If you love taking videos and pictures, add a camera to your backpack. You don’t want to miss the picture-perfect shot because you left your camera back in the room. 

Spending all day on the hill could cause your electronics to lose battery life, which is why having an extra battery inside the backpack is essential. Some skiers like to listen to music via earbuds, so having a cell phone or tablet can also come in handy.

Chair Lifts

Although you can wear the backpack while skiing, some areas, such as chair lifts, may not permit backpacks to be worn. You may be able to bring the bag, but you cannot wear it. Instead, most mountain resorts make you take your gear off and hold it in your lap while riding the chair lift. Doing so can prevent the straps from getting stuck on the chair or other skiers. Keep in mind that carrying a lightweight bag and only filling it with essentials is beneficial for moments like these.

Skiers can have a blast on the slopes when they make sure to start off with the right gear. Whether they need to get boots fitted or rent skis, Mammoth visitors can rely on ASO Mammoth for high-quality service and great advice from snow sports experts. Drop by our shop or give us a call at 760-965-3444.