Tips for Bringing Young Children on Ski Trips

Here at ASO Mammoth we firmly believe that the sooner you introduce kids to skiing and snowboarding, the better. However, bringing young children on ski trips is much easier said than done.

That’s why the ASO Mammoth team has put together a short list of tips for bringing young children on ski trips. Check it out below, then visit the ASO Mammoth shop on your next trip to Mammoth Mountain for the best ski and snowboard rentals in Mammoth Lakes!

Introduce Your Kid to Skiing and Snowboarding Slowly

We already mentioned our thoughts on introducing kids to skiing and snowboarding, but just because we believe kids should start early doesn’t mean you should expect them to take to either sport quickly.

For most kids, skiing and snowboarding are not about staying active, pushing your skills, or enjoying nature like they are for adults. They’re all about having fun. As a result, if you introduce a kid to skiing or snowboarding and they don’t have fun then they’re less likely to try again.

Even though it would be easier to have your kid skiing or snowboarding on a trip, don’t make them just because it’s convenient for you. Keep time with them on the snow light and fun, and eventually they’ll love it just as much as you do. 

Travel with a Non-skiing Family Member

Most young children won’t ski at all, and the ones that will are unlikely to ski or snowboard for an entire day.

A great way to keep an eye on your young children when they’re not skiing is by traveling with a family member or friend who doesn’t ski. Grandparents are an easy choice, but anyone who likes traveling and you trust will work just fine!

Travel with Friends and Switch Off on Watching the Kids

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a non-skiing family member that can travel with them and watch their young children, so a great way to have your children watched while you get to ski is to travel with a friend or couple who has kids of their own.

You can ski or snowboard in the morning and then watch the children in the afternoon while the other couple gets on the snow and vice versa.

This type of setup takes a ton of communication and flexibility around conditions. After all, who wants to miss fresh powder after a storm?

With the right friends though, you’ll create great friendships and memories while getting time to yourself on the snow!

Hire a Nanny from the Mountain

Lastly, the most convenient option is to hire a nanny from either the mountain or a network within the town. Some resorts have their own daycare while others have nannies on hand, but either way if you don’t mind paying for someone to watch your young children then you can have a blast on the snow while your kids are in great hands!