Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Mammoth Lakes

If you’re looking to spend as much time as possible outside and enjoying the mountain air during your visit to Mammoth Lakes, then eating at restaurants with outdoor seating is a no- brainer.

We may be locals, but we understand the need to spend as much time as possible in the Eastern Sierra, so the ASO Mammoth team has put together a quick list with a few of the best restaurants in Mammoth Lakes that have outdoor seating. Visit ASO Mammoth’s shop for the gear you need to stay outside all day and check out our list below to find the perfect place to eat outside at night!

Mammoth Brewing Co

The Eatery at Mammoth Brewing Company

The entire point of spending time outside in the mountains is to experience them, so what better way is there to experience the mountains than by appreciating their beauty with an epic view and beer brewed by locals next door who know the flavors of the area better than anyone else?

If you can’t think of an answer, then The Eatery at Mammoth Brewing Company is the perfect place for you. Enjoy a seasonal rotation of beers and food that pair perfectly with The Eatery’s outdoor seating to create one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy a meal in Mammoth Lakes.


Side Door Mammoth

Side Door Wine Bar & Cafe

Thanks to its central location within the Mammoth Lakes Village, menu with a wide range of food options, and outdoor seating, Side Door Wine Bar & Cafe has something for everyone.

Side Door Cafe’s menu and hours make it the perfect place to find a great burger for lunch as well as a special dinner paired with excellent wine. Even if you’re just looking for a nice spot to enjoy a cocktail with a view of the mountains, Side Door has you covered!


Convict Lake Resort

The Restaurant at Convict Lake

Looking for somewhere to sum up just how wonderful your visit to Mammoth Lakes has been? The Restaurant at Convict Lake is the perfect fine dining experience to celebrate your trip, your anniversary, your birthday, or just enjoy living the good life.

Although Convict Lake is outside of Mammoth Lakes, you’ll find a resort, marina, campground, and of course the beautiful lake the restaurant is named after which allow you to make a full day, or trip, out of your visit. Enjoy the fresh seasonal selection of foods, wines, and incredible desserts to experience the best food the Eastern Sierra has to offer.


Mammoth Rock Brasserie

Mammoth Rock Brasserie

Just like The Restaurant at Convict Lake, there is enough to do near Mammoth Rock Brasserie to keep you busy all day long. However, unlike The Restaurant at Convict Lake you can also enjoy Mammoth Rock Brasserie’s attractions when it’s snowing or raining!

The brasserie is on the top floor, but you’ll also find Mammoth Rock N’ Bowl in the basement and a lounge on the main floor. As a result, Mammoth Rock Brasserie is the perfect place to spend a few hours with your family or on a date. Plus, you may be looking for excuses to stick around once you see the spectacular view of the Sherwin Mountains and the National Park Reserve from Mammoth Rock Brasserie’s outdoor area. Even if you’re not hungry, then a glass of wine from Mammoth Rock Brasserie’s extensive wine list paired with a view of the mountains will be sure to make your night.


Work up an appetite for the meals at the restaurants listed above by getting out into the Mammoth Lakes wilderness with the outdoors sports gear available for rent and purchase at ASO Mammoth!

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