Tips for Safe Night Skiing

Skiers enjoy engaging in the sport at night for a variety of reasons. Avid skiers living within close proximity to a mountain may not be able to venture to resorts during the day due to job responsibilities. Night skiing is also cost-effective. Gliding down the slope under a moonlit, star-studded sky is often a magical experience. However, the experts from ASO Mammoth, the best place to go for Mammoth ski rentals, gear, and first-rate repair services, suggest these precautions to make the adventure safer.

Dress Appropriately

The colder night temperatures mean skiers must dress warmer. Temperatures are often at least 10 degrees colder, and that doesn’t take the wind chill into account. Wear layers of clothing. Depending on the temperature, it might be a good idea to wear some type of protective covering over your face. The sun and glare-blocking goggles commonly worn during the day present a hazard while night skiing. Choose eyewear that has a clear or yellow-tinted lens for optimal visibility. The goggles will enable you to clearly see the contours of the slope along with any other skiers or snowboarders enjoying the night air.

Don’t Ski Alone

Skiing with a friend keeps you safe in several ways. Two pairs of eyes are better than one, and hazards or obstacles one skier might not see may be more apparent to a partner. While many locations illuminate the slopes at night, surrounding wooded areas are usually dark. When you have someone with you, your partner is aware of your location, so if you happen to fall, your ski buddy is there to warn others to stay clear of the site until you get back on your feet or emergency help arrives.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Before venturing forth at night to go skiing or embark on any journey, make sure your vehicle is prepared for seasonal temperatures. You don’t want to head up to the mountains on cold, slippery roads with a weak battery, worn belts, or another potential problem that might hinder the vehicle’s electrical system. Make sure the antifreeze level is sufficient for the area.

Night Skiing Advantages

According to the National Ski Areas Association, a mere seven percent of all skiers in the country enjoy the sport at night. With fewer people on the slopes, night skiers spend more time on their skis and less time waiting in lift lines. In general, lift tickets cost less at night than during the day, but some resorts offer eight-hour tickets that can be used day or night.

What better way to spend an evening than taking a cozy ride up the slope snuggling close to a loved one? Take in the shimmering stars and the moonlight glow as you glide together in the peace and tranquility of the night.

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