Meet Monte

Monte has all the energy, obedience, and affection needed to be your best friend and partner for adventure!

Monte is a 4-year-old American Bulldog mix who loves people and playing. Even though Monte gets excited enough to wiggle his whole body and bump into you, he also knows many commands including come, sit, down, stay, heel, and place. That means you’ll see just how happy he is to see you every time you come home, but also have an obedient friend who can always learn more tricks and will do well in a structured home.

Monte is a big boy and can get over-excited if there is too much going on, so a home where he is the only dog in the house and without small children would be ideal for him. Monte will also do best in a home where he has plenty of opportunities to get his energy out on walks, trips to the park, or anything else where he has plenty of room to run. Monte gets along with other dogs well and will need plenty of room to play, so dog parks are a great place for him to get his energy out!

Like other American bulldogs, Monte is a gentle giant. American Bulldogs are known for being extremely loyal to their family members, so much so that they can take on a protector role and even be suspicious of strangers. Even though Monte has been thoroughly socialized and loves everyone he meets, you can bet on his loyalty as he is a smart, focused boy.

If you’re looking for a loyal friend who will enjoy going on runs, trips to the parks, and all kinds of adventures then Monte is the companion for you! To help Monte continue learning, Seal Beach Animal Care Center is including free group training with PHDogs with his adoption! Stop by Seal Beach Animal Care Center today and see Monte run!

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