ASO Mammoth Has New Gear Coming Soon!

As much as we all love a good sale, being in a remote community sometimes just makes you crave new look or something new to shop for.  Despite your love for mountain biking Mammoth, fishing and backpacking once and a while we all think to ourselves… I Need New Gear! I Need a New Backpack! or the occasional… I Hate My Clothes!  So here at Adventure Sports Outpost we feel ya and have a preview of our new products coming soon.

Backpacking to Back-To-School- We are excited to be bringing in more items from CamelBak and a large selection of back-to-school backpacks from Everest Bags.  CamelBak known for its legendary hydration packs will come in a number of styles and colors ready for your next mountain bike ride or hiking adventure.  As for our Everest Bags, they are perfect for any age and will come in a number of both stylish and nature-focus looks and all feature a life-time warranty.

Hiking? Not a Problem- With the hiking trails still opening there is still plenty of paths to find.  We will soon have a larger selection of both men’s and women’s hiking shorts, pants, tops and jackets from White Sierra.  We will also soon be replenished of both water and hiking shoes from C.O. Lynch Itasca who has proven to be a Mammoth Favorite for both its style, function and price.

Clothes for Day or Night!- ASO is excited to bring a number of “test” brands back into the store that saw wide popularity over the past few months.  In the coming weeks, brands O’Neill, Rip Curl and swimwear from Marina West will be brought back in with new styles to last both in summer and through the comfortable months of fall and back-to-school. Adventure Sports Outpost will also be introducing Element clothing and Keds shoes to the Mammoth community.

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