COVID-19 and Mammoth Mountain’s Reservation Systems

Considering how the 2019/20 winter season ended, the fact that we have a 20/21 season at all is an accomplishment. However, just because there is a season doesn’t mean that everything is back to normal. Besides the COVID safety steps that we’re all use to like mask wearing and social distancing, there are other policies that will make this season unlike any other.

One new policy that could have a huge impact on your season is capacity limits and other Mammoth Covid reservations systems. After all, if Mammoth Mountain is at capacity and you don’t have a lift ticket then you have no chance of getting on the snow. To help make sure that doesn’t happen, the ASO Mammoth team has written a guide to Mammoth Mountain’s capacity limit below. Read about the Mammoth Covid reservations systems out ahead of your trip below and make sure you end up on the snow instead of left out cold!

Buy Your Tickets Online and Ahead of Time

There’s always enough snow and space for just about any number of skiers and snowboarders at Mammoth Mountain. However, there is not enough space for large numbers of skiers and snowboarders to spread out a safe distance in lift lines, on the gondola, and inside Mammoth Mountain’s facilities. Mammoth Mountain is making sure that their guests never have to crowd those areas by strictly controlling the amount of lift tickets sold.

For visitors, that translates into the ticket window no longer selling any lift tickets and all purchases being done online. Mammoth Mountain is strict about only selling lift tickets online, so you must purchase them there as the ticket window is now only manned by customer service representatives.

The capacity limit also means that high demand days such as holidays or weekends after large snowfalls may be sold out. After the unexpected end to the 2020 winter season and the difficult year that followed, people are hungrier than ever to get on the snow. You shouldn’t wait until the day of your visit to book your lift tickets in general, but you should reserve your tickets well in advance if you’re expecting a crowd at the mountain during your visit.

Mammoth Ski and Snowboard Rentals are also on a New Reservation System

While reserving ski and snowboard gear for rent is nothing new, Mammoth Mountain has added new steps to reduce the amount of contact between guests and staff with their new reservation system.

The main example is that there are now two windows to pick up rental gear during the day. The first is between 8 am and 10 am, and the second is between 1 pm and 3 pm. The pick-up location for your rental gear will be noted on your reservation. While we would recommend renting through Mammoth Mountain’s reservation system ahead of time if you’re renting at Mammoth Mountain, there are still same-day rentals available. However, those rentals are based on availability and are only available after 10 am, so if you want to be sure that you have gear to rent then make your reservation ahead of time.

Mammoth Mountain’s Ski and Snowboard Schools are Only Offering Private Lessons

To keep people from coming into close contact with those who are outside of their travel group, Mammoth Mountain is currently only offering private lessons to individuals and groups. To make sure you get the time and length you want, we recommend reserving your lessons online. Doing so will also help you minimize the amount of interactions with other people and keep yourself and the rest of the mountain safe!

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