Mammoth Mountain Forecast for the Weekend of 2/22/19-2/24/19

Now that we’re past Wednesday the team at ASO Mammoth has their eyes on the weekend and the forecasted weather.

While the past week was full of recovering from President’s Day weekend, continuing to dig out from the latest storm, and just staying warm during the cold snap, the upcoming weekend is shaping up to be warmer and clearer. If you gambled by avoiding the President’s Day weekend crowd and the snow from the most recent 2019 dump, then you’re in luck. While another storm is not expected this weekend, a few inches are should fall on the days leading up to the weekend with great weather in the forecast for Mammoth Mountain on Saturday.

Check out our full report below!

Snowfall Totals from Last Weekend

President’s Day weekend was fantastic for snow fall, as we added 17 inches on Saturday the 16th and another 13 inches on the 17th.  The snow came with a cost though, as the high temperatures at the base of the mountain failed to rise above 20 degrees either day. With the temperature at least, things are looking up for this weekend though!

Forecast for the Weekend of 2/22/19-2/24/19

 Wednesday: 1-3 inches was forecasted for the night of Wednesday the 20th with gusty winds reaching up to 25 miles an hour and a low temperature around 4˚.

Thursday: Thursday the 21st looks to be a repeat of Wednesday with a high around 10˚ and a few inches of snow forecasted. However, Thursday could have much stronger winds with gusts up to 30 mph during the day and reaching as high as 40 mph at night. If there’s no snow left on your roof, garbage cans, or trees to protect them from the winds then now is a good time to make sure you’re prepared for strong gusts!

Friday: Although a high around 17˚ might not seem like a relief, after two days of struggling to climb into the teens you might just feel like undoing the top button of your coat! Along with the warmer weather, you can expect a sunny day and a partly cloudy night with the low dipping back down into single digits during the night on Friday the 22nd.

Saturday: The thaw continues Saturday the 23rd with a high of 25˚ and plenty of sun spaced between a few clouds. Don’t forget your goggles and sunscreen to keep you from heading home with a sunburn to remember your day by.

Sunday: While we wish we could end the weekend with another sunny day, Sunday the 24th looks to be a cloudy day with a chance of snow. Fortunately, the warmer weather will stick around with a high of 24˚. Snow is possible, but there are no expected notable accumulations.

What to Keep an Eye out for:

This has been one of the snowiest Februaries on record with over 23 feet falling, so if you’re planning a trip to Mammoth Mountain now or anytime soon make sure you travel with chains in your car. While the roads are mostly clear now, you should always travel to Mammoth with chains in your car an idea of how to install them in your head.

Although there are no guarantees, there is a storm currently traveling towards the west coast with the potential to bring more snow sometime soon. Keep an eye on your local forecast to see if February’s record-setting snow will carry over into March!

If the snow keeps up you may need a set of snowshoes just to get to the car, so stop by ASO Mammoth for all your winter sports gear and information!

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