How Are Skateboarding & Snowboarding Similar?

Not everyone has the luxury of living in a locale that allows them to snowboard year-round. Even those who do sometimes find themselves looking for something different to do every now and again. Snowboarding and skateboarding are fairly similar. Here, the experts from ASO Mammoth, the premier place to go for high-quality Mammoth snowboard rental, examine some of these similarities to see if skating in the off-season is a good fit for you.


Obviously, snowboarding and skateboarding both use boards. While there are many different kinds of boards for each, longboards and park boards are the most important ones to address for the purposes of skating. Because each sport requires a board, this will be the biggest similarity in terms of actual equipment, besides helmets and pads. Being on boards for both sports means you’ll be familiar with a lot of the functions and controls for making turns and other movements.

Choosing the right board is equally important for snow and skate. You can pick up any kind of skateboard and get to it, but many snowboarders find it easiest to pick up longboards. You can treat these similar to your snowboard and cruise around town or down hills.


One of the similarities between these two board sports is the need to find balance. Although your feet are generally farther apart on a snowboard, the relative distance between feet and board length can be similar, especially if you’re skating with a longboard. You might need to spend a few extra minutes when you first transition from snowboarding to skateboarding, but you’ll use similar muscles, and that muscle memory can help you keep your balance and eventually learn to do tricks.


Stance on a snowboard is different than on a skateboard. As a snowboarder, you at least have a concept of stance—how to find it properly and how important it is to maintain it. In skateboarding, you use different parts of your feet and shift your weight a little differently than you would in snowboarding, but finding and maintaining the proper stance can help you keep a good ride, transition to tricks, and accomplish whatever else you’re planning on doing in your session.

Fluid Movements

In both snowboarding and skateboarding, you use very fluid movements. While it isn’t always required to “carve” back and forth when skating, many skaters do it to increase or maintain speed over long flats. Any sudden, erratic, or jerky movements while on the board could make you fall off and get injured. Always remember good habits are usually transferable from snow to skate.

Snowboarders who are looking for something new might find skateboarding a great fit for their skills and interest. Skateboarders who are ready to give snowboarding a try should drop by on their way to the slopes and chat with the snow sports experts at ASO Mammoth. We can offer great advice for beginning snowboarders, and we’ll fit you with all the gear you need for a fantastic mountain adventure. Whether they need to book a tour, shop for the latest gear, or rent skis, Mammoth snow lovers know they can depend on us for outstanding service and expert advice. Come by the shop to chat or give us a call at 760-965-3444.

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